This site documents my research into the history of my wife's and my families.

It covers a lot of ground (although I've seen much more extensive collections), so I have organized the site into family groups. The group size is generally determined by the amount of information I have on each family. This way the individual pages are more readable.

The diagram below shows the family groups I have created. Clicking on one of the groups will take you to a page dedicated to that group. You can also click on the navigation entries to the left.

Lovellette/Litsey Family Buttz Family Perronet/Briggs Family Nichols/Markham Family Lyon Family Jones Family Schuman Family Titus Family Sells Family

I hope you enjoy exploring this site. My purpose in making the site is to help me visualize the results of my research and to make the results available to others with similar interests.

In addition, I hope to get feed back on what I have done. So if you have comments, questions, suggestions or additions/corrections to the data I have provided, either leave an entry in the guestbook or you can email me at .

Thanks for visiting.

Viewing Notes

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For Linux users, this means that there is no support until Moonlight can catch up with Silverlight 2.0.

Mac users should not have a problem, but initial testing indicates that there is a problem.