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Mary Linder VINEY

also known as Mary VINEY

1747 - 16th Jul 1830

Life History


Born in VA, USA

(most likely)

about 1748

Born in VA

(less likely)


Born in Strassburg, Germany

(less likely)


Married Henry PIRTLE in Germany

10th Nov 1772

Birth of son John PIRTLE in KY

9th Nov 1776

Birth of daughter Alinisia Artemisia PIRTLE in KY

6th Oct 1777

Birth of son George Nold PIRTLE in Berkeley Co, VA

18th Apr 1779

Birth of daughter Mary Susey PIRTLE in Berkley Co, VA

18th Apr 1781

Birth of son Henry PIRTLE in VA

6th Apr 1783

Birth of son Jacob Linder PIRTLE in KY

12th Feb 1785

Birth of daughter Keziah PIRTLE in Washington Co, KY

22nd Mar 1787

Birth of son Thomas Wales PIRTLE in Washington Co, KY

21st Sep 1809

Birth of son Isaac Newland PIRTLE in Washington Co, KY

29th Mar 1826

Death of son John PIRTLE in KY

before 1830

Death of daughter Keziah PIRTLE

16th Jul 1830

Died in Washington Co, KY

(most likely)

18th Jul 1830

Died in Washington, KY, USA

(less likely)

Other facts


Birth of daughter Mercy L PIRTLE


Birth of daughter Elizabeth PIRTLE


Birth of son Abner I PIRTLE


Birth of daughter Cassandra PIRTLE