_____ SCHUMAN Mary Katherine SCHUMAN Louis SCHUMAN Charles SCHUMAN William F. SCHUMAN Anna SCHUMAN Edward Lawrence SCHUMAN Henry George SCHUMAN John Joseph SCHUMAN Louise Marie SCHUMAN Caroline WETZEL Barbara SCHUMAN Jake SCHUMAN Margaret SCHUMAN Adam SCHUMAN Mary FISHER Mini tree diagram


2nd Jan 1850 - 7th Dec 1908


Life History

2nd Jan 1850

Born in Wittenburg, Germany


Immigrated to USA

1st May 1875

Married Caroline WETZEL in Blue Mound, Illinois

19th Feb 1876

Birth of daughter Mary Katherine SCHUMAN in Illinois, USA

31st Dec 1877

Birth of son Louis SCHUMAN in Illinois, USA

9th Nov 1879

Birth of son Charles SCHUMAN in Illinois, USA

5th Jul 1882

Birth of son William F. SCHUMAN in Macon County, Illinois, USA

16th Jul 1884

Birth of daughter Anna SCHUMAN in Illinois, USA

10th Apr 1887

Birth of son Edward Lawrence SCHUMAN in Illinois, USA

14th Jul 1889

Birth of son Henry George SCHUMAN in Long Creek Township, Macon, Illinois, USA

27th Dec 1891

Birth of son John Joseph SCHUMAN in Decatur, Illinois, USA

17th May 1896

Birth of daughter Louise Marie SCHUMAN in Illinois, USA

1st May 1900

Death of daughter Anna SCHUMAN

7th Dec 1908

Died in Decatur, Illinois

after 7th Dec 1908

Buried in North Fork Cemetery, Decatur, IL, USA