The Families of SellsNation

Discovering our American, British, Canadian and European Ancestors

Mississippi, USA


Latitude: 32.6083, Longitude: -89.1


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Dickson, Faye L.  May 1876Mississippi, USA I1977
2 Fiser, Pauline D.  11 Jan 1895Mississippi, USA I234
3 Gayden, Iverson Green Sr.  Abt 1838Mississippi, USA I638
4 Matthews, Sam'L M  1892Mississippi, USA I3083
5 McConnico, Ann E.  Abt 1844Mississippi, USA I1466
6 McConnico, C. A.  Abt 1853Mississippi, USA I790
7 McConnico, Carrie  Abt 1859Mississippi, USA I185
8 McConnico, Ella Pauline  1851Mississippi, USA I2287
9 McConnico, Mary  Abt 1846Mississippi, USA I2165
10 McConnico, Salley V.  Abt 1855Mississippi, USA I789
11 McConnico, Samuel B.  Abt 1848Mississippi, USA I2166
12 McConnico, Thomas A.  Abt 1851Mississippi, USA I903
13 Williams, Eugenia Marie  5 Aug 1886Mississippi, USA I2642
14 _____, Ola  21 Jul 1871Mississippi, USA I3080