The Families of SellsNation

Discovering our American, British, Canadian and European Ancestors

New York, USA


Latitude: 42.7531, Longitude: -74.2224


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Boughton, Charles Stone  1 Mar 1803New York, USA I1874
2 Eldred, Almira  Abt 1844New York, USA I3031
3 Eldred, Crayton Douglas  28 Jun 1806New York, USA I836
4 Eldred, Elon  Abt 1846New York, USA I3032
5 Eldred, Lewis  Abt 1838New York, USA I3029
6 Eldred, Mary  21 May 1834New York, USA I1924
7 Eldred, Oliver  Abt 1832New York, USA I3028
8 Eldred, Robert  10 Jun 1804New York, USA I983
9 Eldred, Sarah  Abt 1840New York, USA I3030
10 Gage, Reuben  10 Oct 1770New York, USA I3801
11 Hogan, Mary Florence  Abt 1866New York, USA I2662
12 Lacy, Polly  Abt 1800New York, USA I1514
13 Markham, Amos  Abt 1830New York, USA I514
14 Markham, Charles  Abt 1867New York, USA I3043
15 Markham, Edith G.  1865New York, USA I631
16 Markham, George A.  Abt 1855New York, USA I762
17 Markham, Guy S  1872New York, USA I2231
18 Markham, Ira C.  1867New York, USA I2330
19 Markham, Olive  Abt 1829New York, USA I1887
20 Markham, Roy  1874New York, USA I620
21 Markham, Warren R.  1864New York, USA I626
22 Nichols, Chester William  23 May 1811New York, USA I2763
23 Nichols, Dunham  Abt 1837New York, USA I3026
24 Nichols, John  Abt 1850New York, USA I3027
25 Nichols, Simeon  New York, USA I3055
26 Swanberg, Hermanda Fredericka  1879New York, USA I3496
27 Townsend, Delia A.  Abt 1836New York, USA I511
28 Wicks, Mahalia  Abt 1816New York, USA I2760
29 _____, Laura  25 Oct 1883New York, USA I2378
30 _____, Susan C.  Abt 1830New York, USA I1764


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Boughton, Charles Stone  16 Jan 1841New York, USA I1874
2 Cole, David  19 May 1810New York, USA I3888