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Welcome to the new and improved SellsNation website.

The purpose of this site is to document my research into the genealogy of my extended family. A further purpose is to allow others to correct and fill in holes in my research.

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Vincent Perronet

Vincent Perronet (1693–1785)
was an Anglo-Swiss clergyman of the Church of England,
vicar of Shoreham and an early Methodist.

Wikipedia Entry for Vincent Perronet

Extended Family Charts

It can be difficult to visualize your familial relationships. To help with this visualization, I have created some Extended Family Charts. With these, you can view hundreds of individuals at a time and see their relationships.

The charts can be panned and zoomed and by clicking on an individual’s entry you can go directly to their detail page. You can also reach the Extended Family Charts that a person is shown in from the person's detail page.

Title Most Frequent Surnames
Sells Family Tree Not actually an Extended Family Chart. This is a flawed handwritten family tree from the 1930s or earlier.
Briggs Perronet Briggs, Perronet, Eure, Harington, Hobart, Noel, Brigge, Plantagenet, Grey, Howard, Goodhew, Ros, Flanders, Hastings, Bohun
Chapman Cone Chapman, Sweet, Cone, Lay, Willey, Tracy, Harvey, Marshall, Smith, Gates, Bell, Clarke
Charlemagne Descendants Schuman, Sells, Eure, Markham, Perronet, Litsey, McDuffie, Lay, Briggs, Titus, Marshall, Blount
Lovellette Litsey, Lovellette, Hungate, Tougas, Huff, Deweese, Pirtle, Haynes, Blount, Green, Tade
Lyon Lyon, Bearden, Fiser, Perkins, Smallwood, Frakes, Head, Batts, McConnico, Norwood, Webster
Magna Carta Barons Descendants Sells, Titus, Eure, Ros, Bohun, Lovellette, Mowbray, Lewknor, Ferrers, Clare, Ryan, Grey
Markham Eldred Markham, Eldred, Morse, Smith, Penniman, Willey, Harvey, Dexter, Chapman, Flanders, Clarke, Arundel, Beaumont, St John
Mayflower Descendants Schuman, Markham, McDuffie, Lay, Marshall, Sells, Bell, Eldred, Estell, Russell, Simms, White
Names Taylor Russell, Taylor, Johnson, Chapman, Sweet, Warren, Smith, White, Flanders, Arundel, Beaumont, St John
Schuman Schuman, Sheets, Eldred, Estell, McDuffie, Markham, Johnson, Nichols, Smith, Peterson, Ward, Flanders, Clarke, Arundel, Beaumont, St John
Sells Sells, Harding, Lorenzen, Jones, Ryan, Harington, Maddox, DeGrave, De Grave, Markham, March
Titus Buttz Titus, Buttz, Bearden, McConnell, Fiser, Smallwood, Lyon, Blount, Head, Jones, Baker, Banghart, Green, Scott