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Hand Written Family Tree

This family tree was brought back from England by my Grandfather in the mid-1930s. Apparently, he was the last male Sells family member of his group of cousins. So they thought it appropriate that he keep it.

The document itself is about 50in x 30in (127cm x 76cm). It has been updated with a little bit of information from its orgininal version, but not much and not for a long time.

The left and right sides are cut off. Obviously there is or was more to this document.

I have since found out that one or more other copies or versions of this tree exist with other branches of the family. I'd be interested to compare the trees and learn something of their history. So, please contact me if you are the keeper of or know of the existance of another such document. You can contact me from the main page, click on the 'Info' menu and select the 'Contact Us' item.