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Briggs/Perronet Family Tree
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Bef. 12 Oct 1763d. 18 Jun 1841 Edward Sells Jr Vincent Perronet b. 11 Dec 1693d. 09 May 1785 Vincent Perronet Charity Goodhew b. 1689d. 05 Feb 1763 Charity Goodhew Philothea Arthur b. Bef. 1667d. Oct 1713 Philothea Arthur Mary Ireland b. 1629d. 1670 Mary Ireland Edward Perronet b. 02 Aug 1726d. 02 Jan 1792 Edward Perronet Charles Perronet b. 1723d. 12 Aug 1776 Charles Perronet Peard Dickinson b. 1758d. 1802 Peard Dickinson Thomas Thompson b. 05 Apr 1754d. 14 Sep 1828 Thomas Thompson Philothea Thompson b. 1791d. 16 May 1823 Philothea Thompson David Perronet b. Bef. 16 Feb 1664d. 1717 David Perronet Jean Rodolphe Perronet b. 27 Oct 1708d. 27 Feb 1794 Jean Rodolphe Perronet Francis Ireland b. d. Francis Ireland Vincent Perronet b. 1724d. 07 May 1746 Vincent Perronet Elizabeth Perronet b. 08 Aug 1728d. 27 Apr 1807 Elizabeth Perronet _____ Perronet b. d. Bef. 1767 _____ Perronet _____ Perronet b. d. Bef. 1767 _____ Perronet Theodore Perronet b. d. 24 Sep 1770 Theodore Perronet Gabriel Perronet b. d. Gabriel Perronet Benjamin Monod b. d. Benjamin Monod Emanual Monod b. d. Emanual Monod Anne Rose Perronet b. 1718d. Anne Rose Perronet Catherine Marie Perronet b. 1717d. Catherine Marie Perronet John Perronet b. Jan 1732d. 29 Oct 1767 John Perronet Beat Perronet b. d. 1747 Beat Perronet Thomas Perronet b. Aft. 1729d. 09 Mar 1755 Thomas Perronet Henry Perronet b. Aft. 1729d. 09 Mar 1755 Henry Perronet Daniel Perronet b. Bef. 02 Oct 1719d. Bef. 1767 Daniel Perronet Damaris Perronet b. 25 Jul 1727d. 19 Oct 1782 Damaris Perronet Margaret Smith b. Bef. 1658d. Margaret Smith Thomas Goodhew b. 1657d. Jun 1718 Thomas Goodhew Francoise Philothea Perronet b. Bef. 20 Apr 1698d. 1728 Francoise Philothea Perronet Denis Jaques Louis Perronet b. Bef. 30 Dec 1689d. Denis Jaques Louis Perronet David Perronet b. d. David Perronet Christian Perronet b. d. Christian Perronet Jacques Louis Perronet b. d. Jacques Louis Perronet Emmanual Perronet b. d. Emmanual Perronet William Perronet b. 1729d. 02 Dec 1781 William Perronet Henry Goodhew b. 1618d. 1695 Henry Goodhew Charity Challoner b. d. Charity Challoner Elizabeth Garnous b. d. Elizabeth Garnous Grace Evered b. d. Aft. 1748 Grace Evered Hannah Hobart b. 02 Nov 1659d. 28 Jul 1715 Hannah Hobart Edmund Hobart b. 1622d. 13 Feb 1666 Edmund Hobart Bridget Woodhall Street b. d. Bridget Woodhall Street James Hobart b. 1594d. 1657 James Hobart Hannah Claxton b. 1598d. 1638 Hannah Claxton Henry Hobart b. 1560d. 29 Dec 1625 Henry Hobart Dorothy Bell b. 1572d. 30 Apr 1641 Dorothy Bell Robert Bell b. d. 25 Jul 1577 Robert Bell Thomas Hobart b. 1537d. 26 Mar 1560 Thomas Hobart Audrey Hare b. d. 16 Jul 1581 Audrey Hare Miles Hobart b. d. 1557 Miles Hobart Hellen Blennerhasset b. d. Hellen Blennerhasset _____ Perronet b. d. _____ Perronet Elizabeth Goodhew b. d. Elizabeth Goodhew Henry Goodhew b. d. Henry Goodhew Margaret Goodhew b. d. Margaret Goodhew Mary Goodhew b. d. Mary Goodhew Richard Goodhew b. d. Bef. 1718 Richard Goodhew Tamaras Goodhew b. d. Tamaras Goodhew _____ Perronet b. d. _____ Perronet _____ Perronet b. d. _____ Perronet Alfred Perronet Thompson b. d. Alfred Perronet Thompson Ernest Perronet Thompson b. d. Ernest Perronet Thompson Gerald Peronet Thompson b. 1911d. 1973 Gerald Peronet Thompson Ivan Peronet Thompson b. d. Ivan Peronet Thompson John Vincent Thompson b. d. John Vincent Thompson Michael Peronet Thompson Michael Peronet Thompson Thomas Arthur b. d. 1673 Thomas Arthur Jes Thompson Moore Jes Thompson Moore Anne Catherine Perronet b. d. Anne Catherine Perronet _____ Perronet b. d. _____ Perronet Elizabeth Aldred b. d. Feb 1677 Elizabeth Aldred Elizabeth Hawys b. 1575d. 1624 Elizabeth Hawys Elizabeth Mounteyn b. d. Elizabeth Mounteyn Henry Briggs DD b. 1687d. 31 May 1748 Henry Briggs DD Dorothy Beaupre b. d. Dorothy Beaupre Philothea Perronet Briggs b. 07 Jul 1753d. 02 Feb 1823 Philothea Perronet Briggs Richard Briggs b. 1580d. 10 Dec 1625 Richard Briggs Sophia Gardiner Briggs b. Jan 1762d. 08 Jan 1841 Sophia Gardiner Briggs William Briggs b. 02 Oct 1722d. 17 Sep 1777 William Briggs William Briggs MD b. 08 Feb 1648d. 04 Sep 1704 William Briggs MD Thomas Brygge b. 23 Aug 1554d. Aft. 1546 Thomas Brygge Mary Chester b. d. Mary Chester Marie Favrod b. d. Marie Favrod Johann Antoine de Vausset b. d. Johann Antoine de Vausset Elizabeth Briggs b. 27 Jan 1750d. 1822 Elizabeth Briggs Elizabeth _____ b. d. Elizabeth _____ Grace _____ b. d. Grace _____ Girolamo Arnolfini b. d. Girolamo Arnolfini Caterina Balbani b. d. 14 Dec 1582 Caterina Balbani Catherine Baptiste b. 1599d. 1670 Catherine Baptiste Jean Baptiste b. 1576d. 1647 Jean Baptiste Edmund Beaupre b. 1502d. 14 Feb 1568 Edmund Beaupre Catherine Bedingfield b. 1567d. Feb 1602 Catherine Bedingfield William Brigges b. d. William Brigges Alexander Briggs b. d. Alexander Briggs Augustine Briggs b. d. 1676 Augustine Briggs Augustine Briggs b. d. Bef. 17 Oct 1692 Augustine Briggs Augustus Briggs b. d. Augustus Briggs Barbara Briggs b. d. Barbara Briggs Charity Briggs b. Bef. 09 Feb 1763d. 07 Jan 1835 Charity Briggs Edward Briggs b. d. Edward Briggs Elizabeth Briggs b. d. Elizabeth Briggs Elizabeth Briggs b. d. Elizabeth Briggs Elizabeth Briggs b. 17 Aug 1731d. 01 Oct 1810 Elizabeth Briggs Frances Briggs b. d. Frances Briggs Hannah Briggs b. d. Hannah Briggs Henry Briggs b. d. Henry Briggs Henry Briggs b. 24 Jun 1754d. Henry Briggs Hobart Briggs b. d. Hobart Briggs Hugh Briggs b. d. Hugh Briggs Humphrey Briggs b. d. Humphrey Briggs Humphrey Briggs b. 1670d. 08 Dec 1734 Humphrey Briggs Humphrey Briggs b. 1650d. 31 Jan 1699 Humphrey Briggs Humprhey Briggs b. 1615d. 1691 Humprhey Briggs Irene Briggs b. Bef. 23 Feb 1758d. Irene Briggs Irene Briggs b. Bef. 17 Nov 1765d. Irene Briggs Irwin Briggs b. Aft. 1764d. Irwin Briggs James Briggs b. d. James Briggs John Briggs b. 1729d. John Briggs John Hobart Briggs b. Bef. 06 Apr 1760d. John Hobart Briggs Joseph Briggs b. d. Joseph Briggs Joseph Briggs b. 1720d. Joseph Briggs Mary Briggs b. d. Mary Briggs Mary Briggs b. d. Mary Briggs Moreton Briggs b. d. Moreton Briggs Oliver Briggs b. d. 1596 Oliver Briggs Peter Briggs b. 1727d. 1743 Peter Briggs Richard Briggs b. d. Richard Briggs Robert Briggs b. d. 1718 Robert Briggs Samual Briggs b. d. Samual Briggs Vincent Perronet Briggs b. 01 Jul 1755d. 08 Apr 1757 Vincent Perronet Briggs William Briggs b. 1680d. 03 Mar 1747 William Briggs William Briggs b. Bef. 23 Mar 1759d. William Briggs William Bromfield Briggs b. Bef. 17 Nov 1765d. William Bromfield Briggs Giuliano Calandrini b. d. Giuliano Calandrini Laura Calandrini b. d. 24 Aug 1580 Laura Calandrini Elizabeth Cocks b. d. Elizabeth Cocks Anna Consingsby b. d. Anna Consingsby Antoinette d'Augy b. d. Antoinette d'Augy Niccolò Diodati b. 1511d. 1544 Niccolò Diodati Pompeo Diodati b. 14 Aug 1542d. 1602 Pompeo Diodati Suzanna Diodati b. 13 Jun 1573d. 1624 Suzanna Diodati Crisacona Grey b. d. Crisacona Grey Robert Harte b. d. Robert Harte Thomasine Harte b. 05 Jul 1546d. 13 Jul 1620 Thomasine Harte Steven Hawes b. 20 Apr 1539d. 1591 Steven Hawes Benjamin Mestral b. d. 12 Aug 1699 Benjamin Mestral Anna Moreton b. d. Anna Moreton Robert Moreton b. d. Robert Moreton Elizabeth Rich b. d. Elizabeth Rich Grace Robinson b. d. Grace Robinson Henry Robinson b. d. Henry Robinson Marion Rookwood b. 1514d. 1550 Marion Rookwood Antoine de Saussures b. 1514d. 1569 Antoine de Saussures Jean de Saussures b. 22 Jan 1576d. 1647 Jean de Saussures Woodhall Street b. d. Woodhall Street Catherine de Veillet b. 1550d. Catherine de Veillet Jean de Veillet b. d. Jean de Veillet Barbara Windham b. d. Barbara Windham Elisabetta Arnolfini b. d. Elisabetta Arnolfini Augustine Briggs b. 1617d. 28 Aug 1684 Augustine Briggs Denny Martin b. d. Denny Martin Jana Abington b. d. Jana Abington Thomas Bromfield MD b. d. Thomas Bromfield MD Elizabeth Cary b. d. Elizabeth Cary _____ Corbet b. d. _____ Corbet Elizabeth Cottingham b. d. Elizabeth Cottingham Stephen Gardiner b. d. Stephen Gardiner Margaret _____ b. d. Margaret _____ John Cottingham b. d. John Cottingham Barley Bromfield b. d. Barley Bromfield Hannah Bromfield b. d. Hannah Bromfield Irene Bromfield b. d. Irene Bromfield James Bromfield b. d. James Bromfield William Bromfield b. d. William Bromfield Richard Brygge b. d. Richard Brygge Henry Bryggs b. d. Henry Bryggs Giuditta Diodati b. 14 May 1570d. Giuditta Diodati Mary Gardiner b. d. Mary Gardiner Stephen Gardiner b. d. Stephen Gardiner Elizabeth Eure b. d. Nov 1654 Elizabeth Eure F. Arthur b. d. F. Arthur William Eure b. 1579d. 28 Jun 1646 William Eure Lucy Noel b. Bef. 1585d. 20 Jan 1615 Lucy Noel Mary Dawnay b. 1557d. 19 Mar 1612 Mary Dawnay Ralph Eure b. 24 Sep 1558d. 01 Apr 1617 Ralph Eure John Dawnay b. d. John Dawnay Margaret Dymoke b. 1529d. 15 Sep 1591 Margaret Dymoke William Eure b. 10 May 1529d. 12 Sep 1594 William Eure Elizabeth Tunstall b. d. Elizabeth Tunstall Elizabeth Spencer b. d. Elizabeth Spencer Anne Eure b. d. Anne Eure Barbara Eure b. d. Barbara Eure Charles Eure b. d. Charles Eure Charles Eure b. d. Aft. 1598 Charles Eure Eizabeth Eure b. d. Eizabeth Eure Francis Eure b. 1564d. 1621 Francis Eure Margaret Eure b. d. Margaret Eure Martha Eure b. d. Martha Eure Mary Eure b. 16 Sep 1602d. 28 Jan 1639 Mary Eure Meriol Eure b. d. Meriol Eure Ralph Eure b. 1602d. 1640 Ralph Eure William Eure b. d. 02 Jul 1644 William Eure William Eure b. 1585d. 1628 William Eure Elizabeth Ireland b. 1628d. Elizabeth Ireland Ralph Ireland b. 1626d. 1635 Ralph Ireland William Ireland b. 1625d. William Ireland William Ireland b. 1636d. 1679 William Ireland Barbara Eure b. d. Barbara Eure William Howard b. 1603d. William Howard Jean Perronet b. d. Bef. Sep 1669 Jean Perronet Charles Howard b. 1629d. Charles Howard Elizabeth Howard b. 1632d. 04 Sep 1665 Elizabeth Howard Frances Howard b. Aug 1623d. 10 Jul 1683 Frances Howard Katherine Howard b. 1637d. 04 Jul 1668 Katherine Howard Margaret Howard b. 1631d. 30 Sep 1664 Margaret Howard Mary Howard b. 1625d. 30 Sep 1664 Mary Howard Philip Howard b. 1642d. 1686 Philip Howard Thomas Howard b. 1640d. 19 Jul 1678 Thomas Howard William Howard b. 1627d. 12 Nov 1646 William Howard Suzanne Mestral des Vaux b. 1648d. Suzanne Mestral des Vaux Margaret Carryl b. 1585d. 1648 Margaret Carryl Edward Dymoke b. 1508d. 16 Sep 1566 Edward Dymoke Mabel Harington b. 1550d. 21 Jan 1603 Mabel Harington Sir Philips Howard van Naworth b. 06 Dec 1581d. 1612 Sir Philips Howard van Naworth Andrew Noel b. 1558d. 09 Oct 1607 Andrew Noel Anne Tailboys b. 1510d. Anne Tailboys Robert Carr MP b. 1511d. 11 Sep 1590 Robert Carr MP Edward Noel b. 1582d. 10 Mar 1643 Edward Noel Alexander Noel b. 1602d. 02 Aug 1667 Alexander Noel Arthur Noel b. 1598d. Arthur Noel Charles Noel b. 1591d. 1619 Charles Noel Elizabeth Noel b. d. Elizabeth Noel Henry Noel b. 1586d. 1591 Henry Noel Theodosia Noel b. d. Theodosia Noel James Harington b. 1521d. 24 Jan 1592 James Harington Elizabeth Hopton b. 1520d. 1587 Elizabeth Hopton Lucy Sidney b. 1520d. 1591 Lucy Sidney John Harington b. 1503d. 25 Aug 1553 John Harington Elizabeth Mutton b. 1503d. Elizabeth Mutton Anne Pakenham b. 1504d. 22 Oct 1544 Anne Pakenham John Harington b. 1539d. 23 Aug 1613 John Harington Elizabeth Harington b. d. 19 May 1618 Elizabeth Harington James Harington b. 1542d. 02 Feb 1614 James Harington Sarah Harington b. d. 1629 Sarah Harington Theodosia Harington b. 1560d. Jan 1649 Theodosia Harington Steven Hawes b. 1496d. 03 Apr 1549 Steven Hawes Andrew Noel b. 1496d. 25 Jan 1563 Andrew Noel William Sidney b. 1482d. 10 Feb 1554 William Sidney 18 Nov 1786 04 Jan 1681 10 Sep 1748 30 Apr 1788 29 Aug 1781 28 Jan 1748 28 Sep 1739 18 Jun 1678 07 Dec 1654 23 Sep 1720 21 Apr 1590 15 Oct 1559 30 Jun 1642 08 Feb 1621 25 Jul 1597 02 Oct 1566 1538 18 Sep 1569 15 Sep 1601 1577 Mar 1612 1555 1625 01 Apr 1529 1579 1566 1538 Apr 1551 1513 1517 04 Dec 1718 Edward Brigge b. d. Edward Brigge Thomas FitzWilliam b. 1485d. 1513 Thomas FitzWilliam Cecily Moore b. d. Cecily Moore John Briggs b. d. 25 May 1550 John Briggs William Bryggs b. d. Aft. 1507 William Bryggs James Briggs b. d. 10 Feb 1553 James Briggs Mary Briggs b. d. Mary Briggs Thomas Briggs b. d. Thomas Briggs Thomas Briggs b. d. 1550 Thomas Briggs William Briggs b. 1522d. Aft. 1534 William Briggs John Briggs b. Bef. 1454d. 1473 John Briggs Thomas Briggs b. d. 1444 Thomas Briggs John Brygge b. Bef. 1383d. 1415 John Brygge Thomas Atte Brigge b. d. 1360 Thomas Atte Brigge William Brigge b. Bef. 1272d. Aft. 1346 William Brigge Margaret Rookwood b. d. Margaret Rookwood Margaret _____ b. d. Margaret _____ Margaret _____ b. d. Margaret _____ Eleanor Beaupré b. d. Eleanor Beaupré Margaret Beaupré b. d. Margaret Beaupré Mary Estoteville b. d. Mary Estoteville John Fountain b. d. John Fountain Margaret Monceaux b. d. Margaret Monceaux Dorothy Quaplode b. d. Dorothy Quaplode Adam Brigge b. d. Adam Brigge John Brigge b. Bef. 1349d. 1349 John Brigge Richard Brigge b. d. Richard Brigge Robert Brigge b. d. Robert Brigge Roger Brigge b. d. Roger Brigge Walter Brigge b. d. Walter Brigge William Brigge b. d. William Brigge Edmund Brigges b. Bef. 1453d. Edmund Brigges Agnes Briggs b. d. Agnes Briggs Edward Briggs b. d. 28 Mar 1511 Edward Briggs Elizabeth Briggs b. d. Elizabeth Briggs George Briggs b. d. 1506 George Briggs Henry Briggs b. Bef. 1476d. Aft. 1476 Henry Briggs Joan Briggs b. d. Joan Briggs Margaret Briggs b. d. Margaret Briggs Margart Briggs b. d. Margart Briggs Walter Brigge b. d. Walter Brigge Agnes Briggs b. d. 1540 Agnes Briggs Edward Briggs b. d. 02 Apr 1511 Edward Briggs Joan Briggs b. d. Joan Briggs John Briggs b. d. John Briggs Margaret Briggs b. d. Margaret Briggs Thomas Briggs b. d. Thomas Briggs Will Bryggs b. d. Will Bryggs 1507 Richard Abington b. d. Richard Abington Elizabeth Anderson b. d. Elizabeth Anderson Humphrey Consingsby b. d. Humphrey Consingsby William Evered b. d. William Evered Elizabeth Heylin b. 1679d. 23 Jan 1743 Elizabeth Heylin 06 Feb 1703 David Perronet b. Bef. 03 Dec 1687d. 1718 David Perronet Margery Bowes b. 1507d. 20 Mar 1567 Margery Bowes Nicholas Beaupre b. d. Nicholas Beaupre Thomas Beaupre b. d. Aft. 1452 Thomas Beaupre Philip Bedingfield b. d. Philip Bedingfield Ralphe De Ponte b. d. Ralphe De Ponte Thomas Estoteville b. d. Thomas Estoteville Margaret Foderinghay b. d. Margaret Foderinghay James Hobart b. d. 1507 James Hobart Margaret Meers b. d. Margaret Meers Edward Moore b. d. Edward Moore Cecely More b. d. Cecely More Margaret Nauton b. d. 1494 Margaret Nauton Thomas Quaplode b. d. Thomas Quaplode Nicholas Sidney b. 1447d. 1512 Nicholas Sidney Anne Brandon b. 1454d. 1497 Anne Brandon Anne Clement b. 1459d. 1510 Anne Clement Robert Dymoke b. 1461d. 15 Apr 1545 Robert Dymoke George Tailboys b. 1467d. 21 Sep 1538 George Tailboys Mengin Schouel dit de Saulxures b. 1469d. 1542 Mengin Schouel dit de Saulxures Hugh Pakenham b. 1470d. 1512 Hugh Pakenham Cecily Poole b. 1470d. Cecily Poole Elizabeth Gascoigne b. 1471d. Aug 1559 Elizabeth Gascoigne Catherine Warin de Clémery b. 1475d. 1537 Catherine Warin de Clémery John Harington b. 1475d. 05 Nov 1524 John Harington Robert Mutton b. 1477d. 1499 Robert Mutton Alice Sothill b. 1480d. 1573 Alice Sothill Joan Anne Sparrow b. 1470d. 13 Apr 1521 Joan Anne Sparrow Phillippa Willoughby b. 1480d. 06 Jan 1517 Phillippa Willoughby James Noel b. 1482d. 1546 James Noel John Rookwood b. 1484d. 26 Mar 1537 John Rookwood Julyan Rainberd b. 1485d. 1539 Julyan Rainberd Ralph Eure b. Bef. 1510d. 1545 Ralph Eure Nicholas de Beaupré b. d. 1404 Nicholas de Beaupré Margaret Ashfield b. d. Margaret Ashfield Thomas Beaupre b. d. Thomas Beaupre _____ de Ponte b. d. Aft. 1101 _____ de Ponte Thomas Foderinghay b. d. Thomas Foderinghay Thomas Hobart b. d. 1450 Thomas Hobart Margaret Holdich b. d. Margaret Holdich John Meeres b. d. John Meeres Edward More b. d. Edward More Eleanor Taylor b. d. Eleanor Taylor Robert Harington b. 1445d. 1501 Robert Harington Mathilde Prisett b. 1450d. Mathilde Prisett Elizabeth Dorwood b. 1453d. 1491 Elizabeth Dorwood Robert Noel b. 1461d. Robert Noel Maud Brereton b. 1462d. Maud Brereton Elizabeth Willoughby b. 1473d. 15 Mar 1548 Elizabeth Willoughby William Eure b. 1483d. 15 Mar 1547 William Eure Elizabeth Clifford b. 1491d. Elizabeth Clifford Ralph Bowes b. 1480d. Apr 1516 Ralph Bowes Margery Conyers b. 1456d. Aft. 06 Apr 1524 Margery Conyers Eleanor Ashfield b. d. Eleanor Ashfield Robert Ashfield b. d. Robert Ashfield Ralph Bowes b. 1450d. 1482 Ralph Bowes Catharina Culpepper b. d. Catharina Culpepper Thomas de Beaupré b. d. Thomas de Beaupré Muriel Hastings b. 1460d. Bef. 1516 Muriel Hastings John Hobart b. d. John Hobart Joane Holbiech b. d. Joane Holbiech John Harington b. 1415d. John Harington Christopher Willoughby b. 1453d. 01 Nov 1498 - 13 Jul 1499 Christopher Willoughby Henry Clifford b. 1454d. Henry Clifford Ralph Eure b. 1460d. 22 Oct 1539 Ralph Eure Margaret Jenney b. 1460d. 16 May 1515 Margaret Jenney John Hobart b. d. Aft. 1431 John Hobart Margaret Bromflete b. d. Margaret Bromflete John Clifford b. d. John Clifford Richard de Beaupré b. d. Richard de Beaupré Catharine de Mundeford b. d. Catharine de Mundeford William Eure b. 1440d. 19 Jun 1484 William Eure Robert Harington b. 1385d. Robert Harington Beatrix Launde b. 1400d. Beatrix Launde William Jenney b. 25 Mar 1420d. 29 Mar 1483 William Jenney Elizabeth Cawse b. 1426d. 02 Oct 1469 Elizabeth Cawse Robert Willoughby b. 1428d. 30 May 1465 Robert Willoughby Cecily Welles b. Dec 1430d. 29 Mar 1461 Cecily Welles Margaret Constable b. 1455d. 1483 Margaret Constable Agnes Fleet b. d. Agnes Fleet Henry Bromflete b. d. Henry Bromflete Thomas Clifford b. d. Thomas Clifford Joan Dacre b. d. Joan Dacre John de Beaupré b. d. John de Beaupré Christian de St. Omer b. d. Christian de St. Omer Ralph Eure b. 1415d. 29 Mar 1461 Ralph Eure Eleanor Greystock b. 1416d. Eleanor Greystock Godfrey Hobart b. d. Aft. 1407 Godfrey Hobart John Harington b. 1360d. 1420 John Harington Gilbert fitz Warren b. d. Gilbert fitz Warren Richill Bardwell b. d. Richill Bardwell John Clifford b. d. John Clifford Thomas de St. Omer b. d. Thomas de St. Omer William Eure b. 1396d. 1466 William Eure John Hobart b. d. Aft. 1389 John Hobart Maria Kirkby b. d. Maria Kirkby Elizabeth Percy b. d. Elizabeth Percy Robert Harington b. 1330d. 1398 Robert Harington Elizabeth Mortimer b. d. Elizabeth Mortimer Ernald Ardwell b. d. Ernald Ardwell Bartholomew de St. Omer b. d. Bartholomew de St. Omer Warren fitz Robert b. d. Warren fitz Robert Henry Percy b. d. Henry Percy Robert Harington b. 1310d. 1377 Robert Harington Elisabeth Multon b. 1310d. 1345 Elisabeth Multon Edmund Mortimer b. d. 1381 Edmund Mortimer John de St. Omer b. d. John de St. Omer Robert fitz Senulf b. d. Robert fitz Senulf Philippa Plantagenet b. d. Philippa Plantagenet John Harington b. 1281d. 02 Jul 1347 John Harington Margaretha Burlingham b. 1283d. Margaretha Burlingham Lionel Plantagenet b. d. 1368 Lionel Plantagenet Elizabeth de Burgh b. d. Elizabeth de Burgh John de Eure b. 18 Oct 1302d. 14 Mar 1366 John de Eure Hugh de St. Omer b. d. Hugh de St. Omer Robert Harington b. 1250d. 1299 Robert Harington Agnes Cansfield b. 1265d. 1295 Agnes Cansfield Michael Harington b. 1230d. Michael Harington Richard Cansfield b. d. Richard Cansfield John de Eure b. 21 Sep 1277d. Mar 1322 John de Eure Agnes de Insula b. 1290d. Aft. 1327 Agnes de Insula Edward Plantagenet III b. 13 Nov 1312d. 21 Jun 1371 Edward Plantagenet III Philippa Hainault b. 24 Jun 1313d. 14 Aug 1369 Philippa Hainault John de Insula b. d. John de Insula Thomas Harington b. 1210d. Thomas Harington Edward Plantagenet II b. 25 Apr 1284d. 21 Sep 1327 Edward Plantagenet II Edward Plantagenet I b. 17 - 18 Jun 1239d. 07 Jul 1307 Edward Plantagenet I Robert Harington b. 1180d. Robert Harington Christine van Taillebois b. 1185d. Christine van Taillebois Osulf Flemingby b. 1100 - 1160d. Osulf Flemingby Robert fitz Roger b. d. 1215 Robert fitz Roger Thomas Fitz-Thomas Workington Taillebois b. 1155d. Thomas Fitz-Thomas Workington Taillebois Henry Plantagenet III b. 01 Oct 1207d. 16 Nov 1272 Henry Plantagenet III John Plantagenet b. 24 Dec 1166d. 19 Oct 1216 John Plantagenet Roger fitz Richard b. d. Roger fitz Richard Thomas Fitz-Gospatrick Workington Taillebois b. 1130d. 13 Nov 1200 Thomas Fitz-Gospatrick Workington Taillebois Gospatrick Workington Taillebois b. d. 1179 Gospatrick Workington Taillebois Richard fitz Eustice b. d. Richard fitz Eustice Henry Plantagenet II b. 05 Mar 1133d. 06 Jul 1189 Henry Plantagenet II Eustice fitz John b. d. 1157 Eustice fitz John Agnes fitz Nigell b. d. Agnes fitz Nigell Orm van Taillebois b. d. Orm van Taillebois Matilda Normandy b. 07 Feb 1102d. 10 Sep 1167 Matilda Normandy Geoffrey Plantagenet b. 24 Aug 1113d. 07 Sep 1151 Geoffrey Plantagenet William fitz Nigell b. d. 1154 William fitz Nigell Agnes de Gant b. d. Agnes de Gant Henry Normandy I b. 1068d. 01 Dec 1135 Henry Normandy I Kethel Kendall Taillebois b. 1070d. Kethel Kendall Taillebois 1529 1498 Apr 1493 1491 1503 1509 1486 - 1490 1440 1302 1328 Nigel Cotentin b. 1071d. 1080 Nigel Cotentin William Normandy I b. 1028d. 09 Sep 1087 William Normandy I Matilda Flanders b. 1031d. 02 Nov 1083 Matilda Flanders Gilbert de Gant b. 1040d. 1095 Gilbert de Gant Eldred Taillebois b. 1050d. Eldred Taillebois Emma Brittany b. d. Emma Brittany Ivon Cotentin b. d. Ivon Cotentin Robert Normandie b. 22 Jun 1000d. Bef. 03 Jul 1035 Robert Normandie Herlève Falaise b. 1003d. 1055 Herlève Falaise Adèle Capet b. 1009d. 08 Jan 1079 Adèle Capet Ivo Taillebois b. 1010d. 1085 Ivo Taillebois Baldwin Flanders V b. 19 Aug 1012d. 01 Sep 1067 Baldwin Flanders V Richard Normandie b. 23 Aug 963d. 28 Aug 1026 Richard Normandie Robert Capet b. 27 Mar 972d. 20 Jul 1031 Robert Capet Fulbert Falaise b. 978d. 1022 Fulbert Falaise Doda _____ b. 980d. 1034 Doda _____ Geoffrey Brittany b. 980d. 20 Nov 1008 Geoffrey Brittany Baldwin Flanders IV b. 980d. 30 May 1035 Baldwin Flanders IV Constance Arles b. 986d. 22 Jul 1034 Constance Arles Ogive Luxembourg b. 04 Sep 995d. 21 Feb 1030 Ogive Luxembourg William Sare b. d. William Sare 1128 11 Nov 1100 1050 1000 25 Aug 1003 1002 07 Aug 1716 Jan 1482 Bef. 28 Mar 1482 Christiana _____ b. d. Christiana _____ Margaret _____ b. d. Margaret _____ Rozala Ivrea b. 16 Jun 936d. 26 Jan 1003 Rozala Ivrea Arnulf Flanders II b. Dec 961d. 30 Mar 987 Arnulf Flanders II Conan I b. 922d. 27 Jun 992 Conan I Ermentrude _____ b. 965d. 1020 Ermentrude _____ Gunnora _____ b. 21 Nov 936d. 1031 Gunnora _____ Adelais Blanche Anjou b. 940d. 29 May 1026 Adelais Blanche Anjou Ermengarde Anjou b. 966d. Aft. 992 Ermengarde Anjou Guillaume Arles b. 958d. 993 Guillaume Arles Hugues Capet b. 941d. 24 Oct 998 Hugues Capet Ermengarde d' Anjou b. d. Ermengarde d' Anjou Baldwin Flanders III b. 940d. 962 Baldwin Flanders III Fredericus Luxembourg b. 958d. 06 Oct 1019 Fredericus Luxembourg Richard Normandie b. 28 Aug 933d. 20 Nov 996 Richard Normandie Adelais Poitou