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Charlemagne Descendants Family Tree
Century Indicator.13279 2000 Century Indicator.13278 2000 Century Separator.13277 Century Indicator.13276 1900 Century Indicator.13275 1900 Century Separator.13274 Century Indicator.13273 1800 Century Indicator.13272 1800 Century Separator.13271 Century Indicator.13270 1700 Century Indicator.13269 1700 Century Separator.13268 Century Indicator.13267 1600 Century Indicator.13266 1600 Century Separator.13265 Century Indicator.13264 1500 Century Indicator.13263 1500 Century Separator.13262 Century Indicator.13261 1400 Century Indicator.13260 1400 Century Separator.13259 Century Indicator.13258 1300 Century Indicator.13257 1300 Century Separator.13256 Century Indicator.13255 1200 Century Indicator.13254 1200 Century Separator.13253 Century Indicator.13252 1100 Century Indicator.13251 1100 Century Separator.13250 Century Indicator.13249 1000 Century Indicator.13248 1000 Century Separator.13247 Century Indicator.13246 900 Century Indicator.13245 900 Century Separator.13244 Century Indicator.13243 800 Century Indicator.13242 800 Century Separator.13241 Century Indicator.13240 700 Century Indicator 700 Century Separator Amelia Peabody b. 21 Apr 1808d. 25 Apr 1860 Amelia Peabody William Peabody b. 22 Jul 1764d. 09 Jan 1834 William Peabody Alexander Arundell b. 1426d. Alexander Arundell Jane Arundell b. 1552d. Jane Arundell Thomas Arundell b. 1514d. 03 Mar 1574 Thomas Arundell Oliver Babcock b. 31 Aug 1683d. Oct 1773 Oliver Babcock Ruth Babcock b. 13 Dec 1736d. 06 Oct 1813 Ruth Babcock Thomas Rouse Babcock b. 07 Mar 1710d. Apr 1785 Thomas Rouse Babcock George Lawton b. 1581d. 26 Nov 1641 George Lawton George Lawton b. Bef. 23 Sep 1607d. 05 Oct 1693 George Lawton Constance Beaumont b. d. Aft. 1226 Constance Beaumont Richard Beaumont b. 1138d. Aft. 1194 Richard Beaumont Constance FitzRoy b. 1120d. Aft. 1173 Constance FitzRoy Alexander St John b. d. Aft. 02 Nov 1339 Alexander St John Edward St John b. 1394d. 1449 Edward St John Henry Saint John b. 1335d. 24 Sep 1406 Henry Saint John Johanna St. John b. d. 05 Jun 1482 Johanna St. John John St John b. 09 Mar 1253d. 1316 John St John Robert St John b. 1199d. Mar 1267 Robert St John William St John b. 1230d. 1305 William St John Godeheut Paynell b. 1177d. Aft. 1243 Godeheut Paynell Sophia Gardiner Briggs b. Jan 1762d. 08 Jan 1841 Sophia Gardiner Briggs John Nigel Perronet Burrill b. d. John Nigel Perronet Burrill Timothy Guy Burrill Timothy Guy Burrill Marten Claridge Marten Claridge Michael Claridge Michael Claridge Robin Claridge Robin Claridge Sally Claridge Sally Claridge Rosalind Galiena Colvile b. 11 Sep 1917d. Jan 2001 Rosalind Galiena Colvile Julian Gleicher Julian Gleicher Justin Scott Gleicher Justin Scott Gleicher Kirstin Joy Gleicher Kirstin Joy Gleicher Grant Martin Harnos Grant Martin Harnos Natalie Rose Harnos Natalie Rose Harnos Allegra Kathleen Heinrichs Allegra Kathleen Heinrichs Aline Perronet Hetherington b. d. Aline Perronet Hetherington Felicity Hills Felicity Hills Hunter David Hoffman Hunter David Hoffman McKenzie Ryan Hoffman McKenzie Ryan Hoffman Ellen Hucks Ellen Hucks John Hucks John Hucks Mary Ireland b. 1629d. 1670 Mary Ireland Andrew Hugh DeGrave Ker Andrew Hugh DeGrave Ker Carol Judith Ker Carol Judith Ker Mark Alexander James Ker Mark Alexander James Ker Pamela Anne Margaret Ker Pamela Anne Margaret Ker Ada Ann Lane Ada Ann Lane Edith Elizabeth Lane Edith Elizabeth Lane John Arthur Lorenzen John Arthur Lorenzen Katherine Mary Lorenzen Katherine Mary Lorenzen Matthew Charles Lorenzen Matthew Charles Lorenzen Thomas Henry Lorenzen Thomas Henry Lorenzen Eric Craig Mullins Eric Craig Mullins Hugh Nightingale Hugh Nightingale Elizabeth Perronet b. 08 Aug 1728d. 27 Apr 1807 Elizabeth Perronet Vincent Perronet b. 11 Dec 1693d. 09 May 1785 Vincent Perronet Henry Pritchard b. 12 Feb 1858d. 25 Apr 1933 Henry Pritchard Mary K Pritchard b. d. Mary K Pritchard Wilfred Pritchard b. d. Wilfred Pritchard Janet Elaine Ryan Janet Elaine Ryan John Michael Ryan b. 30 Sep 1950d. 01 Jul 2015 John Michael Ryan Margaret Frances Ryan Margaret Frances Ryan Paige Michelle Ryan Paige Michelle Ryan Robert Amos Ryan III Robert Amos Ryan III Arthur Frederick Sells b. 17 Oct 1859d. 25 Nov 1951 Arthur Frederick Sells Barbara Ellen Sells Barbara Ellen Sells Brenda Perronet Sells b. 19 Sep 1890d. 28 Feb 1968 Brenda Perronet Sells Charles Sells b. 22 Apr 1821d. 01 Dec 1900 Charles Sells Charles DeGrave Sells b. 22 Mar 1856d. 29 Jun 1942 Charles DeGrave Sells Charles Frederick Sells Charles Frederick Sells David Perronet Sells b. 23 Jun 1918d. 29 Sep 1993 David Perronet Sells Doris Perronet Sells b. Dec 1883d. 1975 Doris Perronet Sells Edward Andrew Perronet Sells Edward Andrew Perronet Sells Edward Perronet Sells b. 1788d. 30 May 1873 Edward Perronet Sells Edward Perronet Sells II b. 29 Oct 1815d. 16 Nov 1896 Edward Perronet Sells II Edward Perronet Sells III b. 09 Sep 1845d. 16 Dec 1915 Edward Perronet Sells III Edward Perronet Sells IV b. Oct - Dec 1881d. 1943 Edward Perronet Sells IV Eileen DeGrave Stanton Sells b. 25 Dec 1900d. 1991 Eileen DeGrave Stanton Sells Frances Sells b. 20 Jul 1818d. 17 Jan 1918 Frances Sells Frances Isabel Sells b. 28 Feb 1922d. 16 Jan 2023 Frances Isabel Sells Henry Sells b. 04 Sep 1827d. 31 Aug 1887 Henry Sells James David Sells James David Sells John Francis Charles Sells b. 10 Mar 1889d. 13 Jan 1962 John Francis Charles Sells John Henry Sells John Henry Sells John Henry Sells b. 03 Jan 1858d. 14 Sep 1893 John Henry Sells Kathleen Irene Sells b. 09 May 1889d. 22 Jul 1982 Kathleen Irene Sells Madilyn Mary Sells Madilyn Mary Sells Makayla Taylor Sells Makayla Taylor Sells Margaret Mary DeGrave Sells b. 1886d. 1963 Margaret Mary DeGrave Sells Michael John Sells Michael John Sells Mollie Mary Frances Sells b. 1904d. Mollie Mary Frances Sells Oliver Matthew Sells Oliver Matthew Sells Shon Raymond Sells Shon Raymond Sells Susan Joan Sells Susan Joan Sells Wesley Allan Sells Wesley Allan Sells William Briggs Sells b. 14 Jun 1835d. 30 Oct 1902 William Briggs Sells Mary Desiderate Colvile b. 19 Apr 1916d. 11 Feb 1994 Mary Desiderate Colvile John Arthur Sells b. 10 Jul 1916d. 08 Sep 1985 John Arthur Sells Philothea Arthur b. Bef. 1667d. Oct 1713 Philothea Arthur Arwin Leah Ryan Arwin Leah Ryan Elizabeth Eure b. d. Nov 1654 Elizabeth Eure Ralph Eure b. 24 Sep 1558d. 01 Apr 1617 Ralph Eure William Eure b. 1483d. 15 Mar 1547 William Eure William Eure b. 10 May 1529d. 12 Sep 1594 William Eure William Eure b. 1579d. 28 Jun 1646 William Eure John Majendie John Majendie Susanna Harris Peacock Susanna Harris Peacock Guy de Grave Sells b. 02 Jul 1910d. 16 Aug 1984 Guy de Grave Sells Jonathan Edwin Litchfield Sells Jonathan Edwin Litchfield Sells Peter Charles Sells Peter Charles Sells Adelaide b. d. Adelaide Charlemagne b. 02 Apr 747d. 28 Jan 814 Charlemagne Geoffrey I b. 940d. Geoffrey I Ingelger b. d. 888 Ingelger Petronille Andech b. d. Petronille Andech Ermengarde d' Anjou b. d. Ermengarde d' Anjou Geoffrey Brittany b. 980d. 20 Nov 1008 Geoffrey Brittany John Clifford b. d. John Clifford Thomas Clifford b. d. Thomas Clifford Nigel Cotentin b. 1071d. 1080 Nigel Cotentin Ralph Eure b. 1415d. 29 Mar 1461 Ralph Eure John de Eure b. 21 Sep 1277d. Mar 1322 John de Eure John de Eure b. 18 Oct 1302d. 14 Mar 1366 John de Eure Ralph Eure b. 1460d. 22 Oct 1539 Ralph Eure William Eure b. 1440d. 19 Jun 1484 William Eure William Eure b. 1396d. 1466 William Eure Richard fitz Eustice b. d. Richard fitz Eustice Arnulf Flanders I b. 893 - 899d. 27 Mar 964 Arnulf Flanders I Arnulf Flanders II b. Dec 961d. 30 Mar 987 Arnulf Flanders II Baldwin Flanders II b. 865d. 10 Sep 918 Baldwin Flanders II Baldwin Flanders III b. 940d. 962 Baldwin Flanders III Baldwin Flanders IV b. 980d. 30 May 1035 Baldwin Flanders IV Baldwin Flanders V b. 19 Aug 1012d. 01 Sep 1067 Baldwin Flanders V Judith Flanders b. 843d. 870 Judith Flanders Matilda Flanders b. 1031d. 02 Nov 1083 Matilda Flanders Agnes fitz Nigell b. d. Agnes fitz Nigell William fitz Nigell b. d. 1154 William fitz Nigell Henry Normandy I b. 1068d. 01 Dec 1135 Henry Normandy I Matilda Normandy b. 07 Feb 1102d. 10 Sep 1167 Matilda Normandy Edward Plantagenet I b. 17 - 18 Jun 1239d. 07 Jul 1307 Edward Plantagenet I Edward Plantagenet II b. 25 Apr 1284d. 21 Sep 1327 Edward Plantagenet II Edward Plantagenet III b. 13 Nov 1312d. 21 Jun 1371 Edward Plantagenet III Henry Plantagenet II b. 05 Mar 1133d. 06 Jul 1189 Henry Plantagenet II Henry Plantagenet III b. 01 Oct 1207d. 16 Nov 1272 Henry Plantagenet III John Plantagenet b. 24 Dec 1166d. 19 Oct 1216 John Plantagenet Lionel Plantagenet b. d. 1368 Lionel Plantagenet Roger fitz Richard b. d. Roger fitz Richard Robert fitz Roger b. d. 1215 Robert fitz Roger Fulk I b. 888d. 941 - 942 Fulk I Fulk II b. 920d. 11 Nov 958 Fulk II Emma Brittany b. d. Emma Brittany Charles Carolingian b. 13 Jun 823d. 06 Oct 877 Charles Carolingian Louis Carolingian b. 16 Apr 778d. 20 Jun 840 Louis Carolingian 22 Sep 1875 15 Dec 1915 10 May 1829 May 1800 - Jan 1801 1500 19 Jul 1545 Jan 1705 16 Aug 1761 1727 1267 18 Nov 1786 25 May 1940 04 Aug 2018 13 Sep 2014 22 Jun 1963 28 Jan 1748 04 Dec 1718 14 Sep 1892 14 Aug 1971 26 May 1974 Aug 1965 10 Jun 1965 07 Feb 1948 24 Jul 1888 09 Jul 1983 24 Aug 1854 14 Jun 1897 11 Jun 1974 Jan - Mar 1948 01 Jun 1814 16 Sep 1843 09 Oct 1879 01 Dec 1928 01 Jun 1854 20 Mar 1942 15 Jun 1915 12 Jan 1980 10 Nov 1886 18 Sep 1911 01 Apr 2006 01 Jan 1979 16 Jan 1877 04 Jan 1681 1577 1503 1555 15 Sep 1601 1979 30 Apr 771 1440 1302 1340 Jan 1482 Jan 1411 1028 1050 11 Nov 1100 1128 1328 Agnes Cantilupe b. 1228d. Aft. 1279 Agnes Cantilupe Melissa Heather Names Melissa Heather Names Betty Catherine Titus Betty Catherine Titus Mary Bernice Schuman b. 28 May 1918d. 26 Dec 2008 Mary Bernice Schuman 07 Apr 1921 23 Jun 1908 05 Jan 1910 Ira Eldred Nichols b. 09 Jun 1876d. 31 Mar 1924 Ira Eldred Nichols Mary Eldred b. 21 May 1834d. 24 Apr 1872 Mary Eldred Susan Amelia Markham b. 28 Feb 1855d. 27 Oct 1931 Susan Amelia Markham 15 Mar 1854 Eleanor Myrtle Nichols b. 22 Nov 1898d. 17 Jun 1947 Eleanor Myrtle Nichols 09 Sep 1897 Gisela Carolingian b. 819d. Aft. 01 Jul 874 Gisela Carolingian Heilwig Friuli b. Aft. 836d. Aft. 895 Heilwig Friuli 836 890 Roger Laon b. Aft. 890d. 942 Roger Laon Helvide Laon b. 940d. Helvide Laon Manasses Dammartin b. 1006d. 15 Dec 1037 Manasses Dammartin Hugues Dammartin b. 1035d. 1103 Hugues Dammartin 1028 Alberic Dammartin b. 1102d. 1183 Alberic Dammartin Alberic Dammartin b. 1138d. 19 Sep 1200 Alberic Dammartin Daniel Grinnell b. Bef. 1668d. 1740 Daniel Grinnell 1090 1133 Eudes Dammartin b. 1076d. 1130 Eudes Dammartin Juliana Dammartin b. 1165d. 1238 Juliana Dammartin 1164 Millicent Gournay b. 1189d. 1260 Millicent Gournay 1217 Melanie J Taylor Melanie J Taylor Phyllis Wolcott Russell b. 14 Jun 1924d. 02 Jul 2018 Phyllis Wolcott Russell Elizabeth Norton Sweet b. 16 Feb 1884d. 01 Jan 1946 Elizabeth Norton Sweet Almira Cone b. 29 Sep 1854d. 01 May 1887 Almira Cone Ann Elizabeth Chapman b. 22 Apr 1825d. 29 Oct 1901 Ann Elizabeth Chapman Elizabeth Dana Lay b. 22 Aug 1802d. 27 Feb 1833 Elizabeth Dana Lay Robert Lay VI b. 09 Aug 1778d. 04 Jul 1851 Robert Lay VI Robert Lay V b. 08 Jun 1745d. 1813 Robert Lay V Robert Lay b. 20 Dec 1705d. 01 Jan 1790 Robert Lay 23 Aug 1974 30 Dec 1949 04 Jun 1909 08 May 1883 04 Nov 1849 05 May 1824 24 Oct 1801 1772 1729 Mary Grinnell b. 1684d. 09 Jun 1755 Mary Grinnell 1683 1703 Summer Elizabeth Names Summer Elizabeth Names Taylor Edward Names Taylor Edward Names Juliet Montforte Juliet Montforte Eve Montforte Eve Montforte Edward Names Edward Names Victoria Names Victoria Names 07 Jul 2012 03 Aug 2003 Lothair Carolingian b. 795d. 29 Sep 855 Lothair Carolingian Lothair Carolingian b. 835d. 08 Aug 869 Lothair Carolingian Gisela Lorraine b. 860d. 26 Oct 907 Gisela Lorraine Siegfried Denmark b. 885d. Siegfried Denmark Urdulf Guînes b. 965d. 996 Urdulf Guînes Raoul Guînes b. Bef. 996d. 30 May 1036 Raoul Guînes Robert le Blount b. 1025d. Robert le Blount Gilbert Blund b. 1076d. 1160 Gilbert Blund William le Blount b. 1100d. 1169 William le Blount Oct 821 Sep 862 880 972 1032 1097 Hubert Blount b. 1165d. 1188 Hubert Blount Stephen Blount b. Aft. 1180d. 1235 Stephen Blount Robert Blount b. 1197d. 1288 Robert Blount William Blount b. 1233d. Jun 1280 William Blount Walter Blount b. 1270d. 1322 Walter Blount John Blount b. 1298d. 08 Mar 1358 John Blount John Blount b. 1347d. 1425 John Blount John Blount b. 1385d. Bef. 26 Oct 1443 John Blount Humphrey Blount b. 1422d. 1477 Humphrey Blount Thomas Blount b. 1456d. 04 Jun 1524 Thomas Blount 1196 1261 1294 1385 1422 1482 Joyce Blount b. 1505d. 1549 Joyce Blount Richard Gower b. 27 Dec 1534d. 1560 Richard Gower Elinor Gower b. 1555d. 1608 Elinor Gower Francis Yarnall b. 20 May 1593d. 1642 Francis Yarnall John George Yarnall b. 11 Jul 1619d. 16 Jun 1693 John George Yarnall 1056 12 Dec 1554 24 Jan 1577 1618 22 Apr 1648 Francis Yarnall b. 26 Jun 1660d. 03 Apr 1721 Francis Yarnall Mordecai I Yarnall b. 11 Jul 1705d. 17 May 1772 Mordecai I Yarnall Joseph Powell Day b. 01 Jun 1768d. 16 Jan 1854 Joseph Powell Day Catherine Yarnall b. 01 Nov 1741d. 03 May 1828 Catherine Yarnall 07 Mar 1686 28 Mar 1733 10 Jun 1762 1792 Catherine Day b. 02 Oct 1803d. 26 Nov 1887 Catherine Day Jesse Brooks Litsey b. 18 Dec 1838d. 08 May 1921 Jesse Brooks Litsey Louisa Catherine Litsey b. 23 Nov 1868d. 16 Jun 1948 Louisa Catherine Litsey Lois Catherine Lovellette b. 10 Feb 1906d. 05 May 1982 Lois Catherine Lovellette Gene Weston Titus b. 19 Dec 1928d. 02 Sep 2014 Gene Weston Titus 22 Apr 1823 14 Nov 1861 09 Oct 1887 31 Aug 1926 16 Jan 1954 Susanna Harris Hughes Susanna Harris Hughes Ann Eure b. 1512d. Ann Eure Anne Eure b. 1504d. 1545 Anne Eure Henry Eure b. 1506d. Henry Eure John Eure b. 1515d. John Eure Margery Eure b. 1516d. Margery Eure Muriel Eure b. 1511d. 23 Nov 1557 Muriel Eure William Eure b. d. William Eure Frances E Barone b. 1856d. Frances E Barone Georgiana G Barone b. 1858d. Georgiana G Barone Philothea S Barone b. 1861d. Philothea S Barone Edith Sophia Bisson b. Sep 1862d. Edith Sophia Bisson Francis Perronet Bisson b. 1833d. Sep 1884 Francis Perronet Bisson Harriet Ethel Bisson b. Sep 1867d. Harriet Ethel Bisson Helen Irene Bisson b. Jun 1861d. Helen Irene Bisson Mabel Perronet Bisson b. Dec 1873d. Mabel Perronet Bisson Godfrey Hyde Ruthven Burrill b. d. Godfrey Hyde Ruthven Burrill Richard Adrian Peckover Burrill b. d. Richard Adrian Peckover Burrill Ada Pritchard b. 21 Aug 1861d. Ada Pritchard Arthur Pritchard b. 23 Sep 1856d. Arthur Pritchard Edward Pritchard b. 01 Jan 1859d. 04 Jul 1892 Edward Pritchard Alfred Sells b. 09 Apr 1857d. 1887 Alfred Sells Alfred Sells b. 31 Oct 1822d. 25 Oct 1908 Alfred Sells Alice Emma Sells b. 1863d. 1863 Alice Emma Sells Alice Mary Stanton Sells b. 23 May 1863d. Apr 1944 Alice Mary Stanton Sells Anne Sells b. 1908d. Anne Sells Arthur Sells b. 1838d. Arthur Sells Arthur Sells b. 12 May 1831d. 10 Apr 1833 Arthur Sells Arthur William Blyth Sells b. 1878d. 1902 Arthur William Blyth Sells Caroline Irene Sells b. Jan 1865d. 27 Nov 1913 Caroline Irene Sells Catherine Alice Sells b. 1867d. 16 Oct 1923 Catherine Alice Sells Charles Sells b. 07 Nov 1803d. 07 Dec 1804 Charles Sells Charles DeGrave Sells b. 1898d. 1900 Charles DeGrave Sells Dorothy Eleanor Jeanette Sells b. 1880d. 1955 Dorothy Eleanor Jeanette Sells Edward DeGrave Sells b. 02 Feb 1860d. Edward DeGrave Sells Edward Perronet Sells b. Bef. 26 Jan 1862d. 1896 Edward Perronet Sells Elizabeth Irene Sells b. 02 Apr 1854d. Apr 1871 Elizabeth Irene Sells Emma Mary Sells b. 03 Mar 1817d. 05 Jan 1818 Emma Mary Sells Ernest P Sells b. 1878d. Ernest P Sells Ethel A Sells b. 1869d. Ethel A Sells Florence M Sells b. 1870d. Florence M Sells Frances D. Sells b. 1852d. Frances D. Sells Frances Eliza Sells b. 15 May 1861d. 18 Feb 1951 Frances Eliza Sells Frances K Sells b. 1872d. Frances K Sells Francis Sells b. 09 Sep 1829d. Dec 1834 Francis Sells Frederick Arthur Sells b. 1860d. Frederick Arthur Sells Harriet H. Sells b. 1856d. 1886 Harriet H. Sells Henry Sells b. 09 Jun 1798d. 09 Jun 1827 Henry Sells Henry Martin Sells b. 1861d. 20 Aug 1924 Henry Martin Sells Herbert C Sells b. 1875d. Herbert C Sells Irene Sells b. 10 Mar 1806d. Irene Sells Irene Sells b. 25 Apr 1833d. Irene Sells Jane Sells b. 1834d. Jane Sells Joan Perronet Sells b. 1891d. 1972 Joan Perronet Sells John Sells b. 1796d. John Sells Lawrence Hugh Perronet Sells b. 1884d. 1886 Lawrence Hugh Perronet Sells Lilian DeGrave Sells b. 1876d. Lilian DeGrave Sells Lucy Jane Sells b. 1859d. 20 Aug 1880 Lucy Jane Sells Maria E. Sells b. 1853d. Maria E. Sells Maria E. Sells b. 1853d. Maria E. Sells Miles Francis DeGrave Sells b. 1881d. 1951 Miles Francis DeGrave Sells Phebe Elizabeth Sells b. 1848d. 10 Mar 1907 Phebe Elizabeth Sells Philothea Sells b. 19 Dec 1825d. Jun 1873 Philothea Sells Sophia Elizabeth Sells b. 1790d. 1869 Sophia Elizabeth Sells Sophia Emma Sells b. 20 Nov 1819d. Sophia Emma Sells Vera Perronet Sells b. 23 May 1885d. 31 Jan 1975 Vera Perronet Sells Vincent Perronet Sells b. 01 Sep 1858d. Vincent Perronet Sells Vincent Sells b. 1794d. Apr 1842 Vincent Sells Vincent Perronet Sells b. 06 May 1824d. 07 Dec 1893 Vincent Perronet Sells William Sells b. 04 Jul 1800d. 10 Mar 1801 William Sells William Sells b. 26 Jun 1802d. 28 Dec 1802 William Sells Zara Sells b. 1899d. Zara Sells Allan Perronet Sheffield b. Jun 1904d. Allan Perronet Sheffield Marjorie Perronet Sheffield b. Mar 1901d. Marjorie Perronet Sheffield Edith May Stanton Sells b. 29 Aug 1887d. 19 Jan 1948 Edith May Stanton Sells William Sells b. 13 Jun 1863d. 1883 William Sells Muriel Annie Perronet Sells b. d. Muriel Annie Perronet Sells Charles Claude Vincent Rodolph Sells b. 12 May 1885d. 30 Dec 1963 Charles Claude Vincent Rodolph Sells Juliet Felicia Colvile b. 09 Mar 1919d. 19 Jun 2021 Juliet Felicia Colvile Richard Frederick Colvile b. 04 Jun 1914d. 25 Mar 2004 Richard Frederick Colvile Elizabeth Sells b. Mar 1820d. Elizabeth Sells Vincent Perronet Sells b. 11 Nov 1821d. 29 Nov 1821 Vincent Perronet Sells 794 Feb 819 02 Aug 1860 Jun 1897 22 Jan 1850 19 Apr 1906 19 May 1832 Jan - Mar 1854 12 Aug 1886 27 May 1819 22 Jun 1865 Philippa Plantagenet b. d. Philippa Plantagenet Elizabeth Mortimer b. d. Elizabeth Mortimer Elizabeth Percy b. d. Elizabeth Percy Elizabeth Clifford b. 1491d. Elizabeth Clifford Henry Clifford b. 1454d. Henry Clifford 1486 - 1490 Margery Bowes b. 1507d. 20 Mar 1567 Margery Bowes Ralph Eure b. Bef. 1510d. 1545 Ralph Eure 1509 1529 09 Jul 1880 Marian Henry Schuman b. 31 Mar 1917d. 31 Mar 1917 Marian Henry Schuman Mary Lawton b. 28 Oct 1611d. 23 Mar 1676 Mary Lawton Mary Lawton b. 1644d. 08 Nov 1711 Mary Lawton 13 Nov 1606 1645 1662 Mary Wodell b. 23 Nov 1640d. Aft. 1702 Mary Wodell 16 May 1637 1667 Lauren Brittany Forsythe Lauren Brittany Forsythe Sterling Chase Forsythe IV Sterling Chase Forsythe IV Georgia Gaspard Georgia Gaspard Grayson James Gaspard Grayson James Gaspard Uri Seedham Uri Seedham Andre Jean Titus Andre Jean Titus Elizabeth Jean Titus Elizabeth Jean Titus Gene Weston Titus Gene Weston Titus Pauline Geneva Titus Pauline Geneva Titus Stephanie Elisabeth Titus Stephanie Elisabeth Titus 17 Sep 2005 22 Dec 2008 23 Dec 1978 03 Oct 1987 30 Jun 1984 Anthony T Litsey b. 1843d. 1875 Anthony T Litsey Catherine Litsey b. 1835d. 01 Sep 1917 Catherine Litsey Edwin Newel Litsey b. 10 Aug 1864d. Edwin Newel Litsey Elizabeth Litsey b. 28 Nov 1829d. 22 Oct 1831 Elizabeth Litsey George M Litsey b. 22 Aug 1833d. 28 Oct 1899 George M Litsey Henry Litsey Jr b. 1849d. 1874 Henry Litsey Jr James Henry Litsey b. 13 May 1841d. 22 Mar 1926 James Henry Litsey Jessie Franklin Litsey b. 25 Apr 1877d. Jessie Franklin Litsey John David Litsey b. 03 Jun 1828d. Aft. 1855 John David Litsey Laura Alice Litsey b. 08 Sep 1862d. Laura Alice Litsey Mary Ann Litsey b. 06 May 1825d. 04 Jan 1888 Mary Ann Litsey Robert Lee Litsey b. 07 Oct 1866d. Robert Lee Litsey Squire Jesse Litsey b. 09 Sep 1832d. 1903 Squire Jesse Litsey Constance Marie Lovellette b. 28 Nov 1920d. Constance Marie Lovellette Geneva Mabel Lovellette b. 06 Oct 1903d. 06 Aug 1992 Geneva Mabel Lovellette Geraldine Lovellette b. d. Geraldine Lovellette Jesse Dale Lovellette b. 06 Aug 1900d. 17 Sep 1963 Jesse Dale Lovellette Rosalie Lovellette b. d. Rosalie Lovellette Roy Edwin Lovellette b. 11 Oct 1893d. 30 Aug 1978 Roy Edwin Lovellette Steve Lovellette Steve Lovellette William Edwin Lovellette b. d. William Edwin Lovellette William Merle Lovellette b. 07 Oct 1888d. William Merle Lovellette Daryl William Manicci Daryl William Manicci Robert Lee Phinney Robert Lee Phinney Sarah Jane Purcell b. 04 Sep 1826d. 23 Jun 1896 Sarah Jane Purcell Debbie Ann Titus b. 19 Jan 1960d. 17 Nov 1980 Debbie Ann Titus Jack Brooks Titus b. 13 Apr 1931d. 23 May 2017 Jack Brooks Titus Jackie Lynn Titus Jackie Lynn Titus Matthew David Titus Matthew David Titus Terry Jean Titus Terry Jean Titus 02 Jun 1917 29 Dec 1912 31 Jan 1958 Mary Eure b. 16 Sep 1602d. 28 Jan 1639 Mary Eure Charity Briggs b. Bef. 09 Feb 1763d. 07 Jan 1835 Charity Briggs Elizabeth Briggs b. 27 Jan 1750d. 1822 Elizabeth Briggs Henry Briggs b. 24 Jun 1754d. Henry Briggs Irene Briggs b. Bef. 17 Nov 1765d. Irene Briggs Irene Briggs b. Bef. 23 Feb 1758d. Irene Briggs Irwin Briggs b. Aft. 1764d. Irwin Briggs John Hobart Briggs b. Bef. 06 Apr 1760d. John Hobart Briggs Philothea Perronet Briggs b. 07 Jul 1753d. 02 Feb 1823 Philothea Perronet Briggs Vincent Perronet Briggs b. 01 Jul 1755d. 08 Apr 1757 Vincent Perronet Briggs William Briggs b. Bef. 23 Mar 1759d. William Briggs William Bromfield Briggs b. Bef. 17 Nov 1765d. William Bromfield Briggs Anne Eure b. d. Anne Eure Barbara Eure b. d. Barbara Eure Charles Eure b. d. Aft. 1598 Charles Eure Charles Eure b. d. Charles Eure Eizabeth Eure b. d. Eizabeth Eure Francis Eure b. 1564d. 1621 Francis Eure Margaret Eure b. d. Margaret Eure Martha Eure b. d. Martha Eure Meriol Eure b. d. Meriol Eure Ralph Eure b. 1602d. 1640 Ralph Eure William Eure b. 1585d. 1628 William Eure William Eure b. d. 02 Jul 1644 William Eure Charles Howard b. 1629d. Charles Howard Elizabeth Howard b. 1632d. 04 Sep 1665 Elizabeth Howard Frances Howard b. Aug 1623d. 10 Jul 1683 Frances Howard Katherine Howard b. 1637d. 04 Jul 1668 Katherine Howard Margaret Howard b. 1631d. 30 Sep 1664 Margaret Howard Mary Howard b. 1625d. 30 Sep 1664 Mary Howard Philip Howard b. 1642d. 1686 Philip Howard Thomas Howard b. 1640d. 19 Jul 1678 Thomas Howard William Howard b. 1627d. 12 Nov 1646 William Howard Elizabeth Ireland b. 1628d. Elizabeth Ireland Ralph Ireland b. 1626d. 1635 Ralph Ireland William Ireland b. 1625d. William Ireland William Ireland b. 1636d. 1679 William Ireland Jes Thompson Moore Jes Thompson Moore _____ Perronet b. d. Bef. 1767 _____ Perronet _____ Perronet b. d. Bef. 1767 _____ Perronet Charles Perronet b. 1723d. 12 Aug 1776 Charles Perronet Damaris Perronet b. 25 Jul 1727d. 19 Oct 1782 Damaris Perronet Daniel Perronet b. Bef. 02 Oct 1719d. Bef. 1767 Daniel Perronet David Perronet b. Bef. 03 Dec 1687d. 1718 David Perronet Denis Jaques Louis Perronet b. Bef. 30 Dec 1689d. Denis Jaques Louis Perronet Edward Perronet b. 02 Aug 1726d. 02 Jan 1792 Edward Perronet Francoise Philothea Perronet b. Bef. 20 Apr 1698d. 1728 Francoise Philothea Perronet Henry Perronet b. Aft. 1729d. 09 Mar 1755 Henry Perronet John Perronet b. Jan 1732d. 29 Oct 1767 John Perronet Thomas Perronet b. Aft. 1729d. 09 Mar 1755 Thomas Perronet Vincent Perronet b. 1724d. 07 May 1746 Vincent Perronet William Perronet b. 1729d. 02 Dec 1781 William Perronet Alfred Perronet Thompson b. d. Alfred Perronet Thompson Ernest Perronet Thompson b. d. Ernest Perronet Thompson Gerald Peronet Thompson b. 1911d. 1973 Gerald Peronet Thompson Ivan Peronet Thompson b. d. Ivan Peronet Thompson John Vincent Thompson b. d. John Vincent Thompson Michael Peronet Thompson Michael Peronet Thompson Philothea Thompson b. 1791d. 16 May 1823 Philothea Thompson Thaddeus McVey Bell Thaddeus McVey Bell Andrew Durham Bell Andrew Durham Bell Douglas Russell Bell Douglas Russell Bell Duncan Hadley Bell Duncan Hadley Bell Ian Hadley Bell Ian Hadley Bell Jennifer Ruth Bell Jennifer Ruth Bell Nathan Hitchcock Bell Nathan Hitchcock Bell Priscilla Beth Bell Priscilla Beth Bell Wendelin Jean Bell b. 1947d. 1975 Wendelin Jean Bell Horatio Dana Chapman b. 07 Aug 1826d. 1910 Horatio Dana Chapman Robert W Chapman b. 13 Nov 1828d. 14 Jun 1830 Robert W Chapman Walcott Cone b. 22 Sep 1850d. 14 May 1883 Walcott Cone Edward Foxworth Edward Foxworth Heather Foxworth Heather Foxworth Sean Foxworth Sean Foxworth Isabella Higgenbothem Isabella Higgenbothem Christina Hyde Christina Hyde Natalie Patrick Hyde Natalie Patrick Hyde Samuel Kennedy Samuel Kennedy Sariah Kennedy Sariah Kennedy Savannah Kennedy Savannah Kennedy Simon Kennedy Simon Kennedy Hannah E F Lay b. 18 Jan 1820d. Jun 1841 Hannah E F Lay Jane Lay b. 05 Oct 1815d. Jane Lay John Ely Lay b. 07 Apr 1825d. John Ely Lay Joseph W Lay b. 11 Jul 1808d. Jan 1826 Joseph W Lay Loxea Lay b. 08 Jun 1810d. 02 Aug 1854 Loxea Lay Lucy W Lay b. 20 Jan 1804d. Lucy W Lay Robert Lay b. 20 Aug 1812d. Robert Lay Thomas Scott Lay b. 10 Oct 1822d. 03 Oct 1894 Thomas Scott Lay Zerviah B Lay b. 06 Feb 1806d. 09 Oct 1809 Zerviah B Lay Zina Epaphras Lay b. 10 Nov 1817d. 03 Mar 1889 Zina Epaphras Lay Alexander William Marshall Alexander William Marshall Alfred Trapier Marshall Alfred Trapier Marshall Caroline Marshall Caroline Marshall Charles Keith Marshall Jr. Charles Keith Marshall Jr. Charles Keith Marshall Charles Keith Marshall Emma Marshall Emma Marshall Janet Russell Marshall Janet Russell Marshall Neal Marshall Neal Marshall Russell Marshall Russell Marshall Sandra Elizabeth Marshall Sandra Elizabeth Marshall Trapier Marshall Trapier Marshall Adelaide Elizabeth Russell b. 1915d. Adelaide Elizabeth Russell Fred Russell Fred Russell Margaret Russell Margaret Russell Robert Cone Russell b. 1917d. Robert Cone Russell Sylvia Willis Russell Sylvia Willis Russell Brook Wyatt Sandovall Brook Wyatt Sandovall Nicholas Taylor Sivo Nicholas Taylor Sivo Veronica Lynn Sivo Veronica Lynn Sivo Almira Cone Sweet b. 31 Mar 1885d. Almira Cone Sweet Julia Fuller Sweet b. 14 Oct 1880d. Julia Fuller Sweet Allison Taylor Allison Taylor Denise Johnson Taylor Denise Johnson Taylor Valerie Taylor Valerie Taylor Courtney Lynn White Courtney Lynn White Patrick Edward White Patrick Edward White Rachel Ann White Rachel Ann White Scott Taylor White b. 12 Mar 1985d. 12 Nov 2006 Scott Taylor White 1625 29 Aug 1781 1978 1978 1968 1941 02 Aug 1974 20 Jun 1981 17 Jun 1983 01 May 2009 09 Jun 2006 Alexandria DeLynn Christie Alexandria DeLynn Christie Michelle _____ Michelle _____ Diana Christine Arie Diana Christine Arie Sheryl Beth Arie Sheryl Beth Arie Kristen Michelle Connors Kristen Michelle Connors Matthew Blake Connors Matthew Blake Connors Nichole Christine Connors Nichole Christine Connors Gary Shawn Dillman Gary Shawn Dillman Jeremy Kirk Dillman Jeremy Kirk Dillman Scott Arthur Dillman Scott Arthur Dillman Dannie Wayne Estell Dannie Wayne Estell Jeseca Leigh Estell Jeseca Leigh Estell Kalonna Tawren Estell Kalonna Tawren Estell Mark Edward Estell b. 28 Jun 1954d. 11 Oct 1970 Mark Edward Estell Mickenzie Rae Estell Mickenzie Rae Estell Scott Forrest Estell Scott Forrest Estell Steven Forrest Estell Steven Forrest Estell Thomas Lloyd Estell Thomas Lloyd Estell Shawn Gordon Forsyth Shawn Gordon Forsyth Travis Joseph Forsyth Travis Joseph Forsyth Ricki Edward Hardyman II Ricki Edward Hardyman II David Robert Hulet David Robert Hulet Michael John Hulet Michael John Hulet Shannon Marie Hulet Shannon Marie Hulet Jayna Marie Legg Jayna Marie Legg Jennifer Rebecca Legg b. d. Jennifer Rebecca Legg Michael Ross Legg Michael Ross Legg Brandon Michael McDuffie Brandon Michael McDuffie Clifford Darren McDuffie Jr. Clifford Darren McDuffie Jr. Clifford Edward McDuffie Clifford Edward McDuffie Denise Marie McDuffie Denise Marie McDuffie Hillary Gayle McDuffie Hillary Gayle McDuffie Jason Aaron McDuffie Jason Aaron McDuffie Kevin Flint McDuffie Kevin Flint McDuffie Kevin Marshall McDuffie Kevin Marshall McDuffie Matthew Cody McDuffie Matthew Cody McDuffie Patrick Michael McDuffie Patrick Michael McDuffie Peggy Ann McDuffie Peggy Ann McDuffie Ryan Mitchel McDuffie Ryan Mitchel McDuffie Shawna Michelle McDuffie Shawna Michelle McDuffie William Andrew McDuffie William Andrew McDuffie William Scott McDuffie b. 18 Nov 1963d. 08 Aug 1980 William Scott McDuffie Chase Daniel Miller Chase Daniel Miller Kelsie Anne Miller Kelsie Anne Miller Vincent Thomas Miller Vincent Thomas Miller Anastasia Nicole Moore Anastasia Nicole Moore Michael Todd Moore Michael Todd Moore Rosalie Nichols b. 01 Oct 1900d. 26 Jun 1984 Rosalie Nichols Rebecca Leigh Palmo Rebecca Leigh Palmo Collin Glen Peoples Collin Glen Peoples Gavin Oliver Peoples Gavin Oliver Peoples Amanda Joanne Reynolds Amanda Joanne Reynolds Andrea Morgan Reynolds Andrea Morgan Reynolds Gretchen Francesca Reynolds Gretchen Francesca Reynolds Kaitlyn Elizabeth Reynolds Kaitlyn Elizabeth Reynolds Alexander Louis Schuman Alexander Louis Schuman Alexandra Marie Schuman Alexandra Marie Schuman Arikah Paige Schuman Arikah Paige Schuman Arthur Henry Schuman b. 28 Jul 1918d. 31 Jan 1952 Arthur Henry Schuman Brandon John Schuman Brandon John Schuman Brandon Michael Schuman Brandon Michael Schuman Brandon Wayne Schuman Brandon Wayne Schuman Brittany Lynne Schuman Brittany Lynne Schuman Bruce Edward Schuman Bruce Edward Schuman Cary Michelle Schuman b. 16 May 1983d. 04 Jun 1983 Cary Michelle Schuman Cheryl Lynn Schuman b. 07 Aug 1952d. 06 Feb 1985 Cheryl Lynn Schuman Christopher Lynn Schuman Christopher Lynn Schuman Conner Schuman Conner Schuman Darrell Lee Schuman Darrell Lee Schuman David Joseph Schuman David Joseph Schuman Diana Christine Schuman Diana Christine Schuman Donald Dean Schuman b. 12 Apr 1926d. 18 May 1926 Donald Dean Schuman Donald Dean Schuman b. d. 29 Jul 2004 Donald Dean Schuman Gary Eugene Schuman Gary Eugene Schuman Gene Arnold Schuman Jr. Gene Arnold Schuman Jr. Gene Arnold Schuman Sr. Gene Arnold Schuman Sr. Gina Marie Schuman Gina Marie Schuman Gregory Alan Schuman Gregory Alan Schuman Hallie Elizabeth Schuman Hallie Elizabeth Schuman Holly Elizabeth Schuman Holly Elizabeth Schuman Jack Henry Schuman Jack Henry Schuman Jack Henry Schuman Jr. Jack Henry Schuman Jr. Jacob Edward Schuman Jacob Edward Schuman Jamie Lee Schuman Jamie Lee Schuman Jared Matthew Schuman Jared Matthew Schuman Jauque Anthony Schuman Jauque Anthony Schuman Jeffery Lynn Schuman Jeffery Lynn Schuman Jerry Lee Schuman Jerry Lee Schuman Jimmie Dale Schuman Jimmie Dale Schuman Jimmie Dale Schuman Jr. Jimmie Dale Schuman Jr. Jody Ann Schuman Jody Ann Schuman John Joseph Schuman Jr.