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Markham/Eldred Family Tree
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Markham b. 13 Jan 1829d. 01 Jul 1913 Marcus A. Markham Mary Eldred b. 21 May 1834d. 24 Apr 1872 Mary Eldred William Markham III b. 19 Aug 1762d. 03 Jan 1826 William Markham III Phebe Dexter b. 13 Dec 1765d. 29 Nov 1851 Phebe Dexter Ira Markham b. 04 Oct 1798d. 18 Jun 1882 Ira Markham William Markham II b. 14 Sep 1738d. 01 May 1792 William Markham II Abigail Cone Willey b. 22 Jul 1740d. 01 May 1792 Abigail Cone Willey William James Markham b. 28 Jan 1705d. 01 Oct 1752 William James Markham Esther Martha Arnold b. 02 Feb 1706d. 15 Oct 1746 Esther Martha Arnold Elisha Dexter b. 08 Aug 1731d. 1794 Elisha Dexter Lydia Smith b. 1735d. 29 Aug 1825 Lydia Smith William Eldred b. d. William Eldred Amelia Peabody b. 21 Apr 1808d. 25 Apr 1860 Amelia Peabody Olive Ethel Markham b. 04 May 1907d. Olive Ethel Markham Daniel Leber b. 15 Jan 1906d. Daniel Leber Albert Ray Markham b. 13 Jun 1909d. Albert Ray Markham Lillian Balcar b. 09 Jul 1916d. 25 Sep 2009 Lillian Balcar Lulu Blanch Markham b. 08 Dec 1910d. Lulu Blanch Markham Berle Bernard Hughes b. 04 Oct 1914d. Berle Bernard Hughes William Barth Markham b. 12 Dec 1914d. William Barth Markham Violet Horess b. 01 Oct 1918d. Violet Horess Robert E. Markham b. 14 Dec 1915d. Robert E. Markham Charles N. Markham b. 08 Oct 1861d. 14 Dec 1863 Charles N. Markham Cora Isabell Markham b. 27 Oct 1865d. 17 Jun 1871 Cora Isabell Markham Frederick E. Markham b. 04 Dec 1867d. 01 Oct 1892 Frederick E. Markham Allen Ray Markham Allen Ray Markham Albert Augustus Markham b. 25 Jul 1882d. 31 Mar 1924 Albert Augustus Markham Vine Markham b. 04 Nov 1792d. 05 Apr 1853 Vine Markham Polly Lacy b. 1800d. Polly Lacy William Markham b. 25 Jan 1787d. 01 Jan 1788 William Markham William Markham II b. 10 Dec 1789d. 29 Jan 1790 William Markham II Huldah Markham b. 12 Jan 1791d. 03 Oct 1878 Huldah Markham Sophia Markham b. 07 Jul 1794d. 01 Sep 1795 Sophia Markham Wayne Markham b. 04 Nov 1796d. 23 Aug 1872 Wayne Markham Guy Markham b. 14 Sep 1800d. 21 Nov 1892 Guy Markham Matilda Markham b. 17 Jul 1805d. 22 Sep 1903 Matilda Markham Caroline Lettice Markham b. 23 Oct 1807d. 23 Nov 1875 Caroline Lettice Markham Lulu Agoneal Barth b. 21 Jan 1885d. Lulu Agoneal Barth Joshua Whitney b. d. Joshua Whitney Eliza Emma Williams b. 10 Aug 1800d. 30 Aug 1888 Eliza Emma Williams Socrates Smith b. 21 Oct 1801d. 27 Aug 1870 Socrates Smith Charles Stone Boughton b. 01 Mar 1803d. 16 Jan 1841 Charles Stone Boughton William Eddie Markham b. 08 Dec 1856d. William Eddie Markham Excy E Markham b. 31 Jul 1859d. 22 Oct 1863 Excy E Markham Olive Markham b. 1829d. Olive Markham Mary A. Markham b. 1839d. Mary A. Markham Mary Eliza Markham b. 25 Aug 1869d. 08 Nov 1872 Mary Eliza Markham _____ Richardson b. d. _____ Richardson Amos Markham b. 1830d. Amos Markham Charles N. Markham b. 20 Feb 1835d. 29 Dec 1859 Charles N. Markham Ira Markham Jr. b. 1827d. 1907 Ira Markham Jr. Delia A. Townsend b. 1836d. 1918 Delia A. Townsend Theodore Markham b. 1848d. Theodore Markham Madison G. Markham b. 1850d. Madison G. Markham Emma V. Markham b. 1851d. 1901 Emma V. Markham Lafoy Markham b. 1857d. Lafoy Markham William Guy Markham b. 02 Sep 1836d. 16 May 1922 William Guy Markham Mary Elizabeth Markham b. 17 Apr 1838d. 15 Nov 1902 Mary Elizabeth Markham Isabell Markham b. 1839d. Isabell Markham Ellen Markham b. 1843d. Ellen Markham Ann Brown b. d. Ann Brown Gertrude Boughton b. 20 Sep 1837d. 11 Jan 1876 Gertrude Boughton George Dexter Cutler b. 1835d. 1900 George Dexter Cutler Louisa Smith b. 26 Jun 1831d. 1925 Louisa Smith Elisha Smith b. 12 Sep 1834d. 24 Sep 1834 Elisha Smith Huldah Markham b. 23 Nov 1763d. Huldah Markham James Markham b. 16 Sep 1740d. 12 Apr 1776 James Markham Joseph Markham b. 25 Jul 1742d. Joseph Markham John Markham b. 09 Nov 1744d. 19 Jan 1746 John Markham Jane Starling b. d. Jane Starling James Markham b. 11 Mar 1766d. James Markham Jane Markham b. 03 Nov 1767d. Jane Markham John Markham b. 24 Jul 1769d. John Markham Steven Markham b. 20 Sep 1764d. Steven Markham Esther Markham b. 12 Oct 1746d. 26 Oct 1746 Esther Markham David Markham b. 01 Apr 1771d. 26 Jun 1771 David Markham David Markham b. 05 Jun 1772d. David Markham Esther Markham b. 10 Apr 1774d. Esther Markham Elisha Dexter b. 18 Sep 1758d. Elisha Dexter Lydia Dexter b. 01 Sep 1760d. Lydia Dexter Amos Dexter b. 28 Jul 1768d. Amos Dexter Asa Dexter b. 19 Oct 1770d. 02 Mar 1860 Asa Dexter Joshua Dexter b. 27 Oct 1775d. Joshua Dexter Lois Dexter b. 25 Aug 1778d. Lois Dexter Anne Markham b. 19 Jan 1776d. Anne Markham Olive Markham b. d. Olive Markham Lettice Markham b. d. Lettice Markham David Markham b. d. David Markham John Markham b. d. John Markham Sarah Markham b. d. Sarah Markham Ransom Smith b. d. Ransom Smith Sally _____ b. d. Sally _____ Joseph A. Markham b. d. Joseph A. Markham Mary M. Markham b. d. Mary M. Markham Learned F. Markham b. d. Learned F. Markham Elizabeth Markham b. d. Elizabeth Markham John S. Markham b. d. John S. Markham Mehitable S. Markham b. d. Mehitable S. Markham Jaduthan Waldo b. d. Jaduthan Waldo Edward T. Waldo b. d. Edward T. Waldo Jerusha Waldo b. d. Jerusha Waldo Seth Spencer Waldo b. d. Seth Spencer Waldo Dale Weston Leber Dale Weston Leber Gloria Dawn Leber Gloria Dawn Leber Duane Markham Leber Duane Markham Leber Elizabeth Miller b. 1622d. 1711 Elizabeth Miller Samuel Eldred b. 27 Nov 1620d. 27 Nov 1695 Samuel Eldred Hannah Rathbone b. 12 Mar 1706d. 1764 Hannah Rathbone John Eldred b. 17 Aug 1659d. 17 Sep 1724 John Eldred Margaret Holden b. Jan 1663d. 1740 Margaret Holden Robert F Eldred b. 1707d. Aft. 1758 Robert F Eldred Pheobe _____ b. d. Pheobe _____ Robert Eldred b. 10 Jun 1804d. 21 Mar 1886 Robert Eldred Hannah Dusenbury b. d. Hannah Dusenbury Frances Dungan b. d. Frances Dungan Randall Holden b. d. Randall Holden Anna Watson b. 1578 - 1601d. 27 Dec 1642 Anna Watson Thomas Eldred b. 1535d. 1603 Thomas Eldred Margery Studd b. 1540d. 1603 Margery Studd Thomas Eldred b. 1595d. 18 Oct - 04 Dec 1640 Thomas Eldred William Eldred b. 1557 - 1583d. 1578 - 1663 William Eldred Susan Emma Markham b. 02 Feb 1843d. 15 Oct 1894 Susan Emma Markham Charles Chenery Puffer b. 15 Jun 1841d. 02 Dec 1915 Charles Chenery Puffer Sarah Schofield b. 08 Aug 1777d. 05 Jul 1849 Sarah Schofield Laura F _____ b. 1861d. Laura F _____ Louisa M. Batt b. 26 Jul 1840d. 26 Dec 1913 Louisa M. Batt William R. Markham b. Feb 1880d. William R. Markham Alice Josephine Foote b. 1845d. 1911 Alice Josephine Foote 09 Jul 1785 04 Jun 1761 07 Dec 1737 12 Dec 1757 10 May 1829 18 Dec 1937 13 Feb 1937 02 Jun 1835 1879 26 Sep 1858 1847 11 Sep 1861 17 Nov 1763 25 Nov 1640 1688 - 1689 04 Feb 1617 1554 - 1583 Albert Vine Markham b. 07 May 1836d. 17 Mar 1904 Albert Vine Markham Laura Emma Denison b. 1840d. 08 Aug 1872 Laura Emma Denison Jessie Maria Markham b. 28 Feb 1861d. 11 Aug 1937 Jessie Maria Markham John Henry Libke b. 1859d. John Henry Libke Warren R. Markham b. 1864d. Warren R. Markham Edith G. Markham b. 1865d. 1945 Edith G. Markham Ira C. Markham b. 1867d. Ira C. Markham Roy Markham b. 1874d. Roy Markham Guy S Markham b. 1872d. 1892 Guy S Markham Nerna Minerva Cutler b. 26 Sep 1867d. 02 Sep 1957 Nerna Minerva Cutler Franklin Theodore Dutcher b. 31 Oct 1858d. 08 Feb 1922 Franklin Theodore Dutcher Gertrude D. Dutcher b. d. Gertrude D. Dutcher William Parry Hoover b. 21 Nov 1889d. William Parry Hoover 25 Dec 1901 _____ Eldred b. d. _____ Eldred Annie _____ b. 1857d. Annie _____ Laura Peabody b. 21 Oct 1820d. 17 Jul 1890 Laura Peabody Asenath Brown b. 08 Mar 1776d. 29 Aug 1837 Asenath Brown Abigail Eldred b. 1702d. Abigail Eldred Abigail Eldred b. 1723d. Abigail Eldred Albert Eldred b. 10 Aug 1811d. 23 Aug 1850 Albert Eldred Anthony Eldred b. Bef. 1700d. 1758 Anthony Eldred Barbara Eldred b. Aft. 1703d. Barbara Eldred Barbara Barbery Eldred b. 21 Juld. Barbara Barbery Eldred Bessie Eldred b. 1879d. Bessie Eldred Crayton Douglas Eldred b. 28 Jun 1806d. 16 Jul 1872 Crayton Douglas Eldred Daniel Eldred b. 1663d. 18 Aug 1726 Daniel Eldred Elizabeth Eldred b. d. Elizabeth Eldred Elizabeth Eldred b. 26 Oct 1642d. 1643 - 1736 Elizabeth Eldred Elon Eldred b. 1846d. Elon Eldred Franc Eldred b. 1878d. Franc Eldred Gilbert Eldred b. 1814d. 30 Jul 1878 Gilbert Eldred Hannah Eldred b. Jul 1734d. 10 Jun 1812 Hannah Eldred Issac G. Eldred b. 1800d. Issac G. Eldred James Eldred b. 1650d. 1651 - 1740 James Eldred James Eldred b. 1683d. Bef. 1768 James Eldred James Eldred b. 29 Aug 1740d. 03 Apr 1818 James Eldred James Eldred b. 1780d. 1830 James Eldred John Eldred b. 01 Novd. John Eldred Margaret Eldred b. d. Margaret Eldred Margaret Eldred b. 1699d. Aft. 1779 Margaret Eldred Mary Eldred b. 09 Sepd. Mary Eldred Mary Eldred b. 15 Jun 1646d. 09 May 1712 Mary Eldred Robert Eldred b. 1760d. 02 Dec 1800 Robert Eldred Samuel Eldred b. 26 Oct 1644d. 1721 Samuel Eldred Samuel Eldred b. 1693d. 1764 Samuel Eldred Sarah Eldred b. d. Sarah Eldred Simeon Eldred b. 15 Mard. Simeon Eldred Thankful Eldred b. d. Thankful Eldred Thomas Eldred b. 08 Sep 1648d. 1726 Thomas Eldred Thomas Eldred b. 1685d. Thomas Eldred William Eldred b. d. William Eldred William Eldred b. Bef. 1700d. 1738 William Eldred George A. Markham b. 1855d. George A. Markham William Peabody b. 22 Jul 1764d. 09 Jan 1834 William Peabody 0 19 Jan 1861 May 1800 - Jan 1801 Albert Napoleon Eldred b. 26 Mar 1848d. 03 Mar 1939 Albert Napoleon Eldred Oliver Eldred b. 1832d. Oliver Eldred Lewis Eldred b. 1838d. Lewis Eldred Sarah Eldred b. 1840d. Sarah Eldred Almira Eldred b. 1844d. Almira Eldred Laura Markham b. 05 Aug 1870d. 08 Aug 1872 Laura Markham Catharine Markham b. 1861d. Catharine Markham May Markham b. 1868d. May Markham Charles Markham b. 1867d. Charles Markham Samuel Smith b. 23 May 1697d. 01 Mar 1753 Samuel Smith 30 May 1722 21 Nov 1872 19 Nov 1928 25 May 1830 15 Feb 1880 Mary Doel b. 1817d. 1880 Mary Doel Edward McPhail b. 1818d. 1907 Edward McPhail Percival Robert McPhail b. 18 Sep 1858d. 16 Sep 1938 Percival Robert McPhail Robert Gibbard McPhail b. 30 Jan 1892d. 24 Jun 1957 Robert Gibbard McPhail John Doel McPhail b. 06 Oct 1894d. 16 Oct 1978 John Doel McPhail William Percival McPhail b. 09 May 1893d. 30 Sep 1918 William Percival McPhail Elizabeth McPhail b. 27 May 1901d. 17 Oct 1976 Elizabeth McPhail 18 Jul 1889 Emma Matilda Maria Gibbard b. 01 Aug 1860d. Emma Matilda Maria Gibbard Sara Belle Gibbard b. 25 Jul 1866d. 12 Nov 1941 Sara Belle Gibbard Ethel E Libke b. Jul 1891d. Ethel E Libke Laura M Libke b. Jan 1887d. Laura M Libke Clarence D Libke b. Dec 1883d. Clarence D Libke Shirley Robinson Snow Jr. b. 1897d. 1989 Shirley Robinson Snow Jr. 1924 Alice Elizabeth Wyeth b. 1906d. 1967 Alice Elizabeth Wyeth 15 Aug 1906 Mark H. Martin b. 1846d. 01 Apr 1905 Mark H. Martin John Williams b. 23 Apr 1755d. 15 Nov 1834 John Williams Mercy Weeks b. 18 Apr 1762d. 29 Jun 1855 Mercy Weeks Charles Peter Hughes b. d. Charles Peter Hughes Francis Lee Spooner b. 03 Jul 1831d. Francis Lee Spooner Augusta Mary Billinghurst b. 03 Jan 1837d. 27 Oct 1877 Augusta Mary Billinghurst David Earl b. d. David Earl Isaac D. D. Gibbard b. 11 Sep 1833d. 09 Oct 1911 Isaac D. D. Gibbard Lucy Markham b. d. Lucy Markham Seth Markham b. d. Seth Markham Zipporah Morse b. 10 Apr 1702d. 1780 Zipporah Morse Jane E _____ b. d. Jane E _____ Nels Anderson b. d. Nels Anderson William Balcar b. 09 Jul 1894d. 28 Mar 1937 William Balcar Anton Baller b. d. Anton Baller Teresa Bartel b. d. Teresa Bartel Edward Barth b. d. Edward Barth Daniel Billinghurst b. d. Daniel Billinghurst Eunice Denison b. 16 Jan 1764d. 02 Aug 1851 Eunice Denison Thomas Dexter b. d. Thomas Dexter Rachel Dutton b. 06 Nov 1727d. Aft. 1793 Rachel Dutton Frances Frederick b. d. Frances Frederick Frank Horys b. d. Frank Horys John Leber b. d. John Leber Mary Lucas b. d. Mary Lucas Joshua Morse b. 02 Apr 1679d. 26 Apr 1749 Joshua Morse Elizabeth Penniman b. Jan 1674d. 1705 Elizabeth Penniman Abigail Day b. 22 Apr 1661d. 15 Jun 1725 Abigail Day Arima Smith b. 09 Aug 1766d. 07 Aug 1836 Arima Smith John Smith Sr b. 19 Nov 1655d. 07 Oct 1722 John Smith Sr Tyler Spooner b. 18 Jan 1809d. Tyler Spooner Minnie Templeman b. d. Minnie Templeman Mary Tumpach b. 11 Aug 1896d. 02 Aug 1956 Mary Tumpach Benajah Willey b. 07 Jun 1713d. Bef. 04 Feb 1752 Benajah Willey Nancy Williams b. d. Nancy Williams Samuel Dutton b. 13 Feb 1705d. 30 Dec 1790 Samuel Dutton Elizabeth Harvey b. Oct 1680d. 27 Feb 1753 Elizabeth Harvey Samual Morse b. 01 Jan 1639d. 28 Feb 1717 Samual Morse Elizabeth Parmenter b. d. Elizabeth Parmenter Samual Penniman b. 14 Nov 1645d. 16 Jan 1704 Samual Penniman Susan Prentice b. d. Susan Prentice Mary Prokop b. d. Mary Prokop George Tumpach b. d. George Tumpach John Willey Jr b. 24 Feb 1673d. 19 Jun 1754 John Willey Jr John Williams b. d. 29 Jan 1806 John Williams Elizabeth Wood b. d. 26 Jun 1682 Elizabeth Wood Elizabeth _____ b. d. 09 Jan 1705 Elizabeth _____ Lydia Eliot b. Bef. 01 Jul 1610d. 1676 Lydia Eliot John Harvey b. 1647d. 18 Jan 1705 John Harvey Joseph Morse b. 1615d. Joseph Morse Robert Parmenter b. 1622d. 27 Jun 1696 Robert Parmenter James Penniman Jr b. 14 Jul 1599d. 26 Dec 1664 James Penniman Jr Hannah Phillips b. d. 03 Oct 1676 Hannah Phillips Leah Sanders b. Bef. Aug 1623d. 24 Mar 1706 Leah Sanders John Willey Sr b. 1648d. 08 May 1688 John Willey Sr Elizabetha Jasper b. 06 Jan 1579d. 20 Jun 1655 Elizabetha Jasper Letteye Aggar b. d. 1620 Letteye Aggar Elizabeth Andrews b. 1614d. Elizabeth Andrews Rachel Brackett b. d. Rachel Brackett Bennett Eliot b. d. 1621 Bennett Eliot Thomas Harvey b. 1617d. 1651 Thomas Harvey Samuel Morse b. 12 Jun 1576d. 05 Dec 1654 Samuel Morse Martin Sanders b. d. Jul 1658 Martin Sanders Isaac Willey b. d. Isaac Willey Richard Morse b. d. Richard Morse Margaret _____ b. d. Margaret _____ Thomas Harvey b. d. Bef. 1647 Thomas Harvey Mary Paige b. 27 Oct 1680d. 17 Mar 1746 Mary Paige John Ruzicka b. d. John Ruzicka John Wheatley b. d. 1646 John Wheatley Thomas Wight b. d. Thomas Wight Soloman Smith b. 21 May 1739d. Soloman Smith Bethiah Penniman b. 1643d. 10 Mar 1721 Bethiah Penniman Violet Balcar b. 19 Jan 1919d. May 1992 Violet Balcar Thomas Dexter b. 01 Aug 1761d. 17 May 1861 Thomas Dexter Josephine Mary Gibbard b. 19 Aug 1872d. Josephine Mary Gibbard Louisa Elizabeth Gibbard b. 09 Sep 1862d. Louisa Elizabeth Gibbard James Harvey b. 1612d. James Harvey John Harvey b. 1676d. 23 Dec 1725 John Harvey Mary Harvey b. 1682d. 10 Jan 1705 Mary Harvey Sarah Harvey b. 1682d. 13 Jan 1705 Sarah Harvey Thomas Harvey b. 1678d. 1725 Thomas Harvey Thomas Harvey b. 1643d. 1726 Thomas Harvey William Harvey b. 1645d. William Harvey William Harvey b. 1614d. 1691 William Harvey Elizabeth Markham b. d. Elizabeth Markham Esther Markham b. d. Esther Markham Joseph Markham b. d. Joseph Markham Sallie Markham b. d. Sallie Markham Zilpha Markham b. d. Zilpha Markham Abigail Morse b. d. Abigail Morse Benoni Morse b. 19 Jul 1682d. Benoni Morse Daniel Morse b. 1613d. Daniel Morse Dorcus Morse b. 02 Jun 1645d. Dorcus Morse Ebenezer Morse b. 02 Mar 1717d. Ebenezer Morse Eleazer Morse b. 10 Aug 1680d. Eleazer Morse Eliakim Morse b. 22 Nov 1721d. Eliakim Morse Elizabeth Morse b. 26 Mar 1668d. Elizabeth Morse Elizabeth Morse b. 20 Oct 1700d. Elizabeth Morse Elizabeth Morse b. 01 Jul 1647d. Elizabeth Morse Hannah Morse b. 06 Aug 1641d. Hannah Morse Hannah Morse b. 08 Nov 1670d. Hannah Morse Hannah Morse b. 23 Aug 1669d. Bef. Nov 1670 Hannah Morse Jemima Morse b. 10 Mar 1709d. Jemima Morse Jeremiah Morse b. d. Jeremiah Morse Jeremiah Morse b. 10 Apr 1651d. Jeremiah Morse John Morse b. 1611d. John Morse Joseph Morse b. 26 Jul 1649d. Joseph Morse Joseph Morse b. 16 Jan 1674d. Joseph Morse Joseph Morse b. 30 Nov 1723d. Joseph Morse Joshua Morse b. 28 Dec 1710d. Joshua Morse Lydia Morse b. 17 Oct 1719d. Lydia Morse Mary Morse b. 14 Sep 1707d. Mary Morse Mary Morse b. d. Mary Morse Ruth Morse b. 21 Mar 1672d. 04 Jul 1716 Ruth Morse Ruth Morse b. d. Ruth Morse Samual Morse b. 04 May 1703d. Samual Morse Samuel Morse b. d. Samuel Morse Samuel Morse b. 18 Feb 1666d. Samuel Morse Sarah Morse b. 16 Jul 1643d. Sarah Morse Sarah Morse b. 11 Jul 1686d. Sarah Morse Soloman Morse b. 05 Jan 1685d. 28 Nov 1704 Soloman Morse Hannah Parmenter b. d. Hannah Parmenter John Parmenter b. d. John Parmenter Joseph Parmenter b. d. Joseph Parmenter Abigail Penniman b. 27 Dec 1651d. 25 Jan 1730 Abigail Penniman Hannah Penniman b. 24 May 1648d. Hannah Penniman Hannah Penniman b. 12 Feb 1682d. Hannah Penniman James Penniman b. Bef. 26 Mar 1633d. James Penniman James Penniman b. 29 Mar 1695d. James Penniman John Penniman b. Bef. 15 Jan 1636d. John Penniman Jonathon Penniman b. 12 Feb 1682d. Jonathon Penniman Joseph Penniman b. 01 Aug 1639d. 05 Nov 1705 Joseph Penniman Josiah Penniman b. 21 Nov 1678d. 29 Nov 1678 Josiah Penniman Lydia Penniman b. Bef. 22 Feb 1634d. 03 Mar 1676 Lydia Penniman Mary Penniman b. 29 Sep 1653d. 1704 Mary Penniman Nathan Penniman b. Mar 1689d. Nathan Penniman Samuel Penniman b. 05 Nov 1677d. Samuel Penniman Samuel Penniman b. 15 Mar 1675d. Mar 1675 Samuel Penniman Sarah Penniman b. 06 May 1641d. Sarah Penniman Elisha Denison Smith b. 29 May 1798d. Elisha Denison Smith Elizabeth Smith b. 19 Apr 1733d. Elizabeth Smith Enock Smith b. 22 Mar 1800d. Enock Smith Hezekiah Smith b. 30 Mar 1732d. Hezekiah Smith Isaac Smith b. 06 Oct 1727d. 19 Oct 1727 Isaac Smith Jaob Smith b. 06 Oct 1727d. 19 Oct 1727 Jaob Smith Joshua Smith b. 1743d. 25 Dec 1764 Joshua Smith Josiah Smith b. 04 Sep 1730d. Josiah Smith Louisa Augusta Smith b. 09 Sep 1805d. Louisa Augusta Smith Nathan Jones Smith b. 08 Mar 1804d. 10 May 1876