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Discovering our American, British, Canadian and European Ancestors

Schuman Family Tree
Century Indicator.14463 1900 Century Indicator.14462 1900 Century Separator.14461 Century Indicator.14460 1800 Century Indicator.14459 1800 Century Separator.14458 Century Indicator.14457 1700 Century Indicator.14456 1700 Century Separator.14455 Century Indicator.14454 1600 Century Indicator.14453 1600 Century Separator.14452 Century Indicator.14451 1500 Century Indicator.14450 1500 Century Separator.14449 Century Indicator.14448 1400 Century Indicator.14447 1400 Century Separator.14446 Century Indicator.14445 1300 Century Indicator.14444 1300 Century Separator.14443 Century Indicator.14442 1200 Century Indicator.14441 1200 Century Separator.14440 Century Indicator.14439 1100 Century Indicator.14438 1100 Century Separator.14437 Century Indicator.14436 1000 Century Indicator.14435 1000 Century Separator.14434 Century Indicator.14433 900 Century Indicator.14432 900 Century Separator.14431 Century Indicator.14430 800 Century Indicator.14429 800 Century Separator.14428 Century Indicator.14427 700 Century Indicator.14426 700 Century Separator.14425 Century Indicator.14424 600 Century Indicator.14423 600 Century Separator.14422 Century Indicator.14421 500 Century Indicator.14420 500 Century Separator.14419 Century Indicator.14418 400 Century Indicator 400 Century Separator John Arthur Sells b. 10 Jul 1916d. 08 Sep 1985 John Arthur Sells Mary Bernice Schuman b. 28 May 1918d. 26 Dec 2008 Mary Bernice Schuman Henry George Schuman b. 14 Jul 1889d. 28 Apr 1967 Henry George Schuman Charles Schuman b. 02 Jan 1850d. 07 Dec 1908 Charles Schuman Caroline Wetzel b. 04 Dec 1854d. 18 Nov 1926 Caroline Wetzel Louis Wetzel b. 18 Mar 1829d. 05 May 1899 Louis Wetzel Darrell Lee Schuman Darrell Lee Schuman John Joseph Schuman b. 27 Dec 1891d. 02 May 1960 John Joseph Schuman Arthur Henry Schuman b. 28 Jul 1918d. 31 Jan 1952 Arthur Henry Schuman John Joseph Schuman Jr. b. 30 Oct 1919d. 25 Sep 1982 John Joseph Schuman Jr. Ralph Earl Schuman b. 02 Mar 1921d. 18 Aug 2013 Ralph Earl Schuman Kenneth Robert Schuman b. 03 Jul 1922d. 24 Dec 2000 Kenneth Robert Schuman Maxine Helen Schuman Maxine Helen Schuman Donald Dean Schuman b. 12 Apr 1926d. 18 May 1926 Donald Dean Schuman Richard Leroy Schuman b. 27 Aug 1930d. 17 May 2014 Richard Leroy Schuman Ronald Ray Schuman Sr. b. 27 Sep 1932d. 13 Nov 1996 Ronald Ray Schuman Sr. Shirley Joan Schuman Shirley Joan Schuman Gene Arnold Schuman Sr. Gene Arnold Schuman Sr. Jimmie Dale Schuman Jimmie Dale Schuman Marian Henry Schuman b. 31 Mar 1917d. 31 Mar 1917 Marian Henry Schuman Mary Katherine Schuman b. 19 Feb 1876d. 12 Sep 1941 Mary Katherine Schuman Anna Schuman b. 16 Jul 1884d. 01 May 1900 Anna Schuman William F. Schuman b. 05 Jul 1882d. 12 Aug 1970 William F. Schuman Edward Lawrence Schuman b. 10 Apr 1887d. 05 Oct 1966 Edward Lawrence Schuman Louis Schuman b. 31 Dec 1878d. 16 Dec 1950 Louis Schuman Charles Henry Schumann b. 09 Nov 1879d. 06 Apr 1950 Charles Henry Schumann Adam Schuman b. d. Adam Schuman Jake Schuman b. d. Jake Schuman Barbara Schuman b. d. Barbara Schuman Margaret Schuman b. d. Margaret Schuman William Wetzel b. 04 Nov 1867d. 06 Feb 1903 William Wetzel Louis Wetzel b. 08 Sep 1856d. 25 Aug 1879 Louis Wetzel Minnie Wetzel b. 1858d. 1858 Minnie Wetzel Henry Wetzel b. 12 Jul 1860d. 08 Sep 1873 Henry Wetzel John H. Sheets b. 28 Dec 1900d. John H. Sheets Albert Christy Sheets b. 25 Dec 1908d. 23 Sep 1994 Albert Christy Sheets Caroline Sheets b. 17 Nov 1896d. Caroline Sheets Thomas Sheets b. 17 Dec 1898d. 17 Nov 1952 Thomas Sheets Louis Sheets b. 07 Oct 1895d. Louis Sheets Clarence Sheets b. 28 Sep 1897d. Clarence Sheets Goldie Sheets b. Jan 1900d. Goldie Sheets Carl E. Sheets b. 07 Jan 1904d. Carl E. Sheets Nellie Sheets b. 28 Apr 1905d. Nellie Sheets Theodore Schuman b. 03 Aug 1913d. Theodore Schuman Carl Schuman b. 18 Dec 1914d. Carl Schuman Mildred Mae Schuman b. 17 Aug 1909d. Mildred Mae Schuman Everett Elden Schuman b. 11 Dec 1904d. Everett Elden Schuman Hazel Belle Schuman b. 08 Jul 1911d. Hazel Belle Schuman Maxine Alberta Schuman b. 19 Sep 1915d. Maxine Alberta Schuman Charles Schuman b. 06 Nov 1919d. Charles Schuman Majorie Ruth Schuman b. 17 Dec 1912d. Majorie Ruth Schuman Johann George Schuman b. 1815d. 05 Jan 1901 Johann George Schuman 07 Feb 1948 04 May 1875 09 May 1895 Eleanor Myrtle Nichols b. 22 Nov 1898d. 17 Jun 1947 Eleanor Myrtle Nichols Mary Fisher b. d. Mary Fisher Maria Anna Hornstein b. 14 Feb 1830d. 03 Feb 1910 Maria Anna Hornstein Aloys Hornstein b. 26 Feb 1792d. 19 Apr 1836 Aloys Hornstein Franz Anton Hornstein b. 11 Apr 1755d. 10 Jul 1818 Franz Anton Hornstein 15 Dec 1915 02 Apr 1854 Maria Anna Sonntag b. 22 Aug 1791d. 1832 Maria Anna Sonntag Franz Joseph Sonntag b. 1749d. 1801 Franz Joseph Sonntag Victoria Mayer b. 19 Mar 1758d. Victoria Mayer 01 May 1822 22 May 1791 Marie Anna Jaeggly b. 1758d. 1802 Marie Anna Jaeggly Rosalie Nichols b. 01 Oct 1900d. 26 Jun 1984 Rosalie Nichols 29 Nov 1916 Other Relationship Connector Brother Married Sisters Brother Married Sisters Lula Olive Bledsaw b. 13 Aug 1914d. Lula Olive Bledsaw Eleanor Locker b. d. Eleanor Locker Dorathy McClain b. d. Dorathy McClain Daisey Mae Wright b. 10 Jul 1931d. 21 Feb 2001 Daisey Mae Wright Irene Boyer b. d. Irene Boyer Alma Marjorie Stickles b. d. Alma Marjorie Stickles 18 Jan 1943 Henry Forrest Estell Henry Forrest Estell Harry Fay Estell b. 30 Sep 1895d. 17 Sep 1951 Harry Fay Estell Alberta Florence Chase Alberta Florence Chase Clifford McDuffie Clifford McDuffie Marlene Sophia Bledsaw Wright Marlene Sophia Bledsaw Wright Marilynn Pease Marilynn Pease Dreama Sue Moore b. 14 Oct 1938d. 03 Jul 1976 Dreama Sue Moore Martha Jane Thorne Martha Jane Thorne 29 Jan 1924 15 Apr 1939 Virginia Mary Frignito Virginia Mary Frignito John Thomas Stickles b. d. John Thomas Stickles Cleda Belle Hoxsey b. d. Cleda Belle Hoxsey Thomas Francis Bledsaw b. d. Thomas Francis Bledsaw Susie Ann Turpin b. d. Susie Ann Turpin Henry James Cameron b. 27 Jan 1871d. 17 Nov 1946 Henry James Cameron Hilda Cameron b. 13 Jun 1919d. Hilda Cameron Robert Cameron b. 28 Feb 1917d. Robert Cameron 1912 Anna Goodmiller b. 14 Jan 1876d. 04 Jan 1961 Anna Goodmiller Elfie L Verner b. 13 Dec 1872d. 07 Aug 1940 Elfie L Verner Myrtle Elizabeth Oxley b. 09 Mar 1884d. Myrtle Elizabeth Oxley 03 Feb 1909 22 Feb 1911 10 Feb 1904 Willis Johnson b. 01 Dec 1890d. 1973 Willis Johnson Willis Johnson Jr. b. 20 Dec 1914d. Willis Johnson Jr. Wanda Caroline Johnson b. 03 May 1917d. 24 Mar 1999 Wanda Caroline Johnson Adalene Frances Johnson b. 10 Jun 1919d. 1990 - 2000 Adalene Frances Johnson Charles Thomas Johnson b. 16 Dec 1920d. Charles Thomas Johnson Delmar Dale Johnson Delmar Dale Johnson Maurice Alan Johnson b. 28 Dec 1927d. 2001 - 2003 Maurice Alan Johnson Roger Clayton Johnson Roger Clayton Johnson Delores Pauline Johnson Delores Pauline Johnson Marlin Rhea Johnson Marlin Rhea Johnson Everett Lee Johnson b. 30 Jul 1922d. 03 Dec 1922 Everett Lee Johnson Ethel Alice Rigsby b. d. Ethel Alice Rigsby 30 Aug 1912 Delmar Napier b. 02 Sep 1916d. Delmar Napier Homer Edward Jackson b. 05 Dec 1914d. Homer Edward Jackson Grace Densen b. d. Grace Densen _____ Fleming _____ Fleming Elizabeth B Doyle b. 13 Oct 1842d. 21 Mar 1873 Elizabeth B Doyle William Verner b. 02 May 1840d. 30 Mar 1921 William Verner 02 Sep 1936 31 Dec 1938 George Johnson Wright b. 06 May 1901d. 17 Jan 1969 George Johnson Wright Daisey Angeline Norman b. 26 Aug 1913d. 23 Nov 1994 Daisey Angeline Norman Marie Miller b. d. Marie Miller Betty Maxine Baum b. 17 Nov 1920d. Betty Maxine Baum Helen Roderick b. 16 Jun 1918d. Helen Roderick 20 Sep 1940 19 Nov 1938 Ray Larson b. 18 Feb 1905d. Ray Larson Emma Huft b. 13 Dec 1908d. Emma Huft Arthur Edward Guntow b. 08 Jun 1905d. Arthur Edward Guntow Donald French b. 16 Aug 1913d. Donald French Albert Erickson b. d. Albert Erickson 05 Nov 1929 10 Oct 1929 12 May 1929 03 Nov 1936 15 Jan 1944 Walter M Doran b. d. Walter M Doran Louise Marie Schuman b. 17 May 1896d. 23 Oct 1985 Louise Marie Schuman Lynne Elaine Anderson Lynne Elaine Anderson 24 Feb 1914 Lawrence N. Sheets b. 15 Feb 1907d. Lawrence N. Sheets Gregory Alan Schuman Gregory Alan Schuman Michele Renee Schuman Michele Renee Schuman Linda Lee Schuman Linda Lee Schuman Pamela Sue Schuman Pamela Sue Schuman Michael David Schuman Michael David Schuman Toni Lynn Schuman Toni Lynn Schuman Russell Edward Legg Russell Edward Legg Jayna Marie Legg Jayna Marie Legg Jennifer Rebecca Legg b. d. Jennifer Rebecca Legg Michael Ross Legg Michael Ross Legg William Henry Wyatt II William Henry Wyatt II William Forrest Wyatt William Forrest Wyatt Christopher Kenneth Wyatt b. d. Christopher Kenneth Wyatt Francys Cross Francys Cross Billy Lee Chapman b. d. Billy Lee Chapman Danny Lee Reynolds Danny Lee Reynolds Gretchen Francesca Reynolds Gretchen Francesca Reynolds Amanda Joanne Reynolds Amanda Joanne Reynolds Kaitlyn Elizabeth Reynolds Kaitlyn Elizabeth Reynolds Andrea Morgan Reynolds Andrea Morgan Reynolds John Joseph Schuman III John Joseph Schuman III Jack Henry Schuman Jack Henry Schuman Jerry Lee Schuman Jerry Lee Schuman Jeffery Lynn Schuman Jeffery Lynn Schuman Jimmie Dale Schuman Jr. Jimmie Dale Schuman Jr. Bruce Edward Schuman Bruce Edward Schuman Donna Lynette Filzen Donna Lynette Filzen Brittany Lynne Schuman Brittany Lynne Schuman Maria Christina Woods Maria Christina Woods Marcella Anne Melot Marcella Anne Melot Ryan James Schuman Ryan James Schuman Brandon Michael Schuman Brandon Michael Schuman Thomas Georg Miller Thomas Georg Miller Kelsie Anne Miller Kelsie Anne Miller Vincent Thomas Miller Vincent Thomas Miller Gary Eugene Schuman Gary Eugene Schuman Sandra Sue Schuman Sandra Sue Schuman Steven Forrest Estell Steven Forrest Estell Dannie Wayne Estell Dannie Wayne Estell Thomas Lloyd Estell Thomas Lloyd Estell Mark Edward Estell b. 28 Jun 1954d. 11 Oct 1970 Mark Edward Estell Ronald Ray Schuman Jr Ronald Ray Schuman Jr Jauque Anthony Schuman Jauque Anthony Schuman Timothy Lynn Schuman Timothy Lynn Schuman Diana Christine Schuman Diana Christine Schuman Terry Wayne Schuman Terry Wayne Schuman Teresa Ann Schuman Teresa Ann Schuman Donald Dean Schuman b. d. 29 Jul 2004 Donald Dean Schuman Gene Arnold Schuman Jr. Gene Arnold Schuman Jr. Lori Ann Schuman Lori Ann Schuman Cheryl Lynn Schuman b. 07 Aug 1952d. 06 Feb 1985 Cheryl Lynn Schuman Margaret Ann Napier Margaret Ann Napier Nancy Janette Jackson Nancy Janette Jackson Thomas Lee Hoffelder II Thomas Lee Hoffelder II Jeffery Allen Palmo b. d. Jeffery Allen Palmo Rebecca Leigh Palmo Rebecca Leigh Palmo Tami Marie Jefferson-Lingle b. d. Tami Marie Jefferson-Lingle Bridget Christine Wyatt Bridget Christine Wyatt Sandra Ann Juedes-Bremmer Sandra Ann Juedes-Bremmer Stacy Lynn Schuman Stacy Lynn Schuman Matthew David Schuman Matthew David Schuman Brandon John Schuman Brandon John Schuman Sandra Jean Chapman-Lord Sandra Jean Chapman-Lord Helen Irene Ellinger b. d. Helen Irene Ellinger Floyd Juedes b. d. Floyd Juedes Janet _____ b. d. Janet _____ Marcia Lynne Anderson Marcia Lynne Anderson Scott Forrest Estell Scott Forrest Estell Juanita Sells Juanita Sells Francis Sells Francis Sells Shirley Benally Shirley Benally Kalonna Tawren Estell Kalonna Tawren Estell Rebecca Ann McClain Rebecca Ann McClain Jeseca Leigh Estell Jeseca Leigh Estell Mickenzie Rae Estell Mickenzie Rae Estell Paul Wesley McClain b. d. Paul Wesley McClain Patsy Ann O'Dell b. d. Patsy Ann O'Dell Sharon Rosalie Schuman b. 14 Aug 1952d. 14 Aug 1952 Sharon Rosalie Schuman Shelia Rea Schuman b. 19 Dec 1953d. 19 Dec 1953 Shelia Rea Schuman Michael Schumann Michael Schumann Shelly Rozann Schuman Shelly Rozann Schuman Randol Erwin Schuman b. 31 Dec 1957d. 05 Sep 1998 Randol Erwin Schuman David Joseph Schuman David Joseph Schuman Michael Spaeth Michael Spaeth Tina Marie Schuman Tina Marie Schuman Robert Eugene Schuman Robert Eugene Schuman Raymond Edward Schuman Raymond Edward Schuman Mark Wayne Moore Mark Wayne Moore Michael Todd Moore Michael Todd Moore Anastasia Nicole Moore Anastasia Nicole Moore Sharon Lou Hawes Sharon Lou Hawes Khimie Sue Schuman b. d. Khimie Sue Schuman Jack Henry Schuman Jr. Jack Henry Schuman Jr. Jamie Lee Schuman Jamie Lee Schuman Gary Oliver Peoples b. d. Gary Oliver Peoples Gavin Oliver Peoples Gavin Oliver Peoples Collin Glen Peoples Collin Glen Peoples Glen Oliver Peoples b. d. Glen Oliver Peoples Mary Louann McManus b. d. Mary Louann McManus Jennifer Lyn Thrams Jennifer Lyn Thrams Ray Allen Thrams b. d. Ray Allen Thrams Connie Lou Sprowl b. d. Connie Lou Sprowl George Franklin Hawes b. d. George Franklin Hawes Elsie Carolina Armstrong b. d. Elsie Carolina Armstrong Renate Fawley Renate Fawley Torrie Schuman b. d. Torrie Schuman Tracie Schuman Tracie Schuman Randy Forsyth b. d. Randy Forsyth Shawn Gordon Forsyth Shawn Gordon Forsyth Travis Joseph Forsyth Travis Joseph Forsyth Paula Jean Ranger Paula Jean Ranger Mark Allen Schuman b. d. Mark Allen Schuman Mindy Lynn Schuman Mindy Lynn Schuman Mickie Jean Schuman Mickie Jean Schuman Mandy Lee Schuman Mandy Lee Schuman Gretchen O. Walter b. d. Gretchen O. Walter Matthew John Schuman Matthew John Schuman Diane Sue Rawlings Diane Sue Rawlings Joshua Allen Schuman Joshua Allen Schuman Jody Ann Schuman Jody Ann Schuman Joseph Andrew Schuman Joseph Andrew Schuman Susie Bodkin Nugent Susie Bodkin Nugent Sally Crow Smith Sally Crow Smith Keenan Chase Schuman Keenan Chase Schuman Todd Allen Schuman Todd Allen Schuman Lois Renee Atwood Lois Renee Atwood Lisa Marie Schuman Lisa Marie Schuman Cary Michelle Schuman b. 16 May 1983d. 04 Jun 1983 Cary Michelle Schuman Janet Sue Lisenby Griffin Janet Sue Lisenby Griffin Brandon Wayne Schuman Brandon Wayne Schuman Idella Marie Butt Idella Marie Butt Laura Ann Schuman Laura Ann Schuman Ronda Jean Krammer Ronda Jean Krammer Mary Margret Cuttill Mary Margret Cuttill Sarah Ashley Margret Schuman Sarah Ashley Margret Schuman Alexandra Marie Schuman Alexandra Marie Schuman Ronald Ray Schuman III Ronald Ray Schuman III Kieko Nakamatus Kieko Nakamatus Timothy Lynn Schuman Jr. Timothy Lynn Schuman Jr. Sandra Schuman Sandra Schuman Nickalas Allen Schuman Nickalas Allen Schuman Steven Hart Steven Hart Ronald Connors Ronald Connors Matthew Blake Connors Matthew Blake Connors Nichole Christine Connors Nichole Christine Connors Kristen Michelle Connors Kristen Michelle Connors Richard Hertz Richard Hertz Kirby Smith Kirby Smith Crystal Lynn Banning Crystal Lynn Banning Katie Doreen Probst Katie Doreen Probst Rebeccah Allie Schuman Rebeccah Allie Schuman Arikah Paige Schuman Arikah Paige Schuman Tarah Ashley Schuman Tarah Ashley Schuman John Michael Wisnewski John Michael Wisnewski David Carl Wood David Carl Wood Michelle Renee Weist Koonce Michelle Renee Weist Koonce Jared Matthew Schuman Jared Matthew Schuman Sherry Lynn Schuman Sherry Lynn Schuman Robert Hulet Robert Hulet David Robert Hulet David Robert Hulet Shannon Marie Hulet Shannon Marie Hulet Michael John Hulet Michael John Hulet Joanne Stoutenborough Joanne Stoutenborough Michelle DeLynn Schuman Michelle DeLynn Schuman Christopher Lynn Schuman Christopher Lynn Schuman Robert Eugene Schuman b. 22 Jan 1969d. 24 Jan 1969 Robert Eugene Schuman Melissa Anne Schuman Melissa Anne Schuman Johnathon Lynn Hodges Jr. Johnathon Lynn Hodges Jr. Dawn Christie Dawn Christie Alexandria DeLynn Christie Alexandria DeLynn Christie Charles Lawrence Smith Charles Lawrence Smith Emily Anne Smith Emily Anne Smith Amanda Lee Smith Amanda Lee Smith Hanna Marie Smith Hanna Marie Smith Clarence Ray White Jr. b. 08 Jun 1947d. 09 Dec 1992 Clarence Ray White Jr. Lynwood Eugene White Lynwood Eugene White Janis Marie Mills Gordy Janis Marie Mills Gordy Gina Marie Schuman Gina Marie Schuman Megan Nicole Totten Megan Nicole Totten Mallory Nicole Schuman Mallory Nicole Schuman Amy Basil Amy Basil Holly Elizabeth Schuman Holly Elizabeth Schuman Donald Ray Dillman Donald Ray Dillman Scott Arthur Dillman Scott Arthur Dillman Jeremy Kirk Dillman Jeremy Kirk Dillman Gary Shawn Dillman Gary Shawn Dillman Denise Marie McDuffie Denise Marie McDuffie Peggy Ann McDuffie Peggy Ann McDuffie Clifford Darren McDuffie Jr. Clifford Darren McDuffie Jr. Kevin Flint McDuffie Kevin Flint McDuffie William Scott McDuffie b. 18 Nov 1963d. 08 Aug 1980 William Scott McDuffie Joseph Michael Arie Joseph Michael Arie Diana Christine Arie Diana Christine Arie Sheryl Beth Arie Sheryl Beth Arie Rickie Edward Hardyman Rickie Edward Hardyman Ricki Edward Hardyman II Ricki Edward Hardyman II Robert Gale Hawkins Robert Gale Hawkins Pamela Sue Robeck Pamela Sue Robeck William Andrew McDuffie William Andrew McDuffie Clifford Edward McDuffie Clifford Edward McDuffie Gwynne Yevette Anderson Gwynne Yevette Anderson Kevin Marshall McDuffie Kevin Marshall McDuffie Ryan Mitchel McDuffie Ryan Mitchel McDuffie Brandon Michael McDuffie