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Discovering our American, British, Canadian and European Ancestors

Sells Family Tree
Century Indicator.25943 2000 Century Indicator.25942 2000 Century Separator.25941 Century Indicator.25940 1900 Century Indicator.25939 1900 Century Separator.25938 Century Indicator.25937 1800 Century Indicator.25936 1800 Century Separator.25935 Century Indicator.25934 1700 Century Indicator.25933 1700 Century Separator.25932 Century Indicator.25931 1600 Century Indicator.25930 1600 Century Separator.25929 Century Indicator.25928 1500 Century Indicator.25927 1500 Century Separator.25926 Century Indicator.25925 1400 Century Indicator.25924 1400 Century Separator.25923 Century Indicator.25922 1300 Century Indicator.25921 1300 Century Separator.25920 Century Indicator.25919 1200 Century Indicator.25918 1200 Century Separator.25917 Century Indicator.25916 1100 Century Indicator.25915 1100 Century Separator.25914 Century Indicator.25913 1000 Century Indicator.25912 1000 Century Separator.25911 Century Indicator.25910 900 Century Indicator.25909 900 Century Separator.25908 Century Indicator.25907 800 Century Indicator.25906 800 Century Separator.25905 Century Indicator.25904 700 Century Indicator.25903 700 Century Separator.25902 Century Indicator.25901 600 Century Indicator.25900 600 Century Separator.25899 Century Indicator.25898 500 Century Indicator.25897 500 Century Separator.25896 Century Indicator.25895 400 Century Indicator 400 Century Separator Mary Bernice Schuman b. 28 May 1918d. 26 Dec 2008 Mary Bernice Schuman John Francis Charles Sells b. 10 Mar 1889d. 13 Jan 1962 John Francis Charles Sells Sarah Isabelle Jones b. 10 Sep 1886d. 10 Sep 1980 Sarah Isabelle Jones Susan Joan Sells Susan Joan Sells Charles Frederick Sells Charles Frederick Sells Barbara Ellen Sells Barbara Ellen Sells Betty Catherine Titus Betty Catherine Titus Margaret Frances Ryan Margaret Frances Ryan Frances Isabel Sells b. 28 Feb 1922d. 16 Jan 2023 Frances Isabel Sells Steven J. Gleicher Steven J. Gleicher Justin Scott Gleicher Justin Scott Gleicher Kirstin Joy Gleicher Kirstin Joy Gleicher Shon Raymond Sells Shon Raymond Sells Wesley Allan Sells Wesley Allan Sells John Claude Lorenzen John Claude Lorenzen John Arthur Lorenzen John Arthur Lorenzen Thomas Henry Lorenzen Thomas Henry Lorenzen Matthew Charles Lorenzen Matthew Charles Lorenzen Katherine Mary Lorenzen Katherine Mary Lorenzen Pamela Ray Loraine Klafurich Pamela Ray Loraine Klafurich Robert Amos Ryan III Robert Amos Ryan III Janet Elaine Ryan Janet Elaine Ryan John Michael Ryan b. 30 Sep 1950d. 01 Jul 2015 John Michael Ryan Melissa Heather Names Melissa Heather Names Robert Amos Ryan Jr. b. 26 Feb 1917d. 20 Apr 2009 Robert Amos Ryan Jr. Elaine Frances Cremeens b. 14 Dec 1943d. 18 Aug 2015 Elaine Frances Cremeens Paige Michelle Ryan Paige Michelle Ryan Eric Craig Mullins Eric Craig Mullins Wade H Mullins Jr Wade H Mullins Jr Mark Steven Heinrichs b. 23 Mar 1951d. 07 Apr 2014 Mark Steven Heinrichs Allegra Kathleen Heinrichs Allegra Kathleen Heinrichs Arwin Leah Ryan Arwin Leah Ryan Leslie J Shirley Leslie J Shirley Tomi Kennedy Tomi Kennedy Rachel Menzies Rachel Menzies Matthew Hoffman Matthew Hoffman McKenzie Ryan Hoffman McKenzie Ryan Hoffman Hunter David Hoffman Hunter David Hoffman _____ Lane _____ Lane Edith Elizabeth Lane Edith Elizabeth Lane Ada Ann Lane Ada Ann Lane David William Turner David William Turner John Henry Sells John Henry Sells Michael John Sells Michael John Sells Philip Thomas Waddell Philip Thomas Waddell Charles Sells b. 22 Apr 1821d. 01 Dec 1900 Charles Sells Edward Perronet Sells b. 1788d. 30 May 1873 Edward Perronet Sells Edward Sells Jr b. Bef. 12 Oct 1763d. 18 Jun 1841 Edward Sells Jr Charles DeGrave Sells b. 22 Mar 1856d. 29 Jun 1942 Charles DeGrave Sells Kathleen Irene Sells b. 09 May 1889d. 22 Jul 1982 Kathleen Irene Sells Caroline Irene Sells b. Jan 1865d. 27 Nov 1913 Caroline Irene Sells Arthur Frederick Sells b. 17 Oct 1859d. 25 Nov 1951 Arthur Frederick Sells Frances Eliza Sells b. 15 May 1861d. 18 Feb 1951 Frances Eliza Sells Frances Sells b. 20 Jul 1818d. 17 Jan 1918 Frances Sells Sophia Emma Sells b. 20 Nov 1819d. Sophia Emma Sells Alfred Sells b. 31 Oct 1822d. 25 Oct 1908 Alfred Sells Henry Sells b. 04 Sep 1827d. 31 Aug 1887 Henry Sells Philothea Sells b. 19 Dec 1825d. Jun 1873 Philothea Sells Irene Sells b. 25 Apr 1833d. Irene Sells William Briggs Sells b. 14 Jun 1835d. 30 Oct 1902 William Briggs Sells Arthur Sells b. 12 May 1831d. 10 Apr 1833 Arthur Sells Edward Perronet Sells II b. 29 Oct 1815d. 16 Nov 1896 Edward Perronet Sells II Edward Perronet Sells III b. 09 Sep 1845d. 16 Dec 1915 Edward Perronet Sells III Phebe Elizabeth Sells b. 1848d. 10 Mar 1907 Phebe Elizabeth Sells Edward Perronet Sells IV b. Oct - Dec 1881d. 1943 Edward Perronet Sells IV Doris Perronet Sells b. Dec 1883d. 1975 Doris Perronet Sells Vera Perronet Sells b. 23 May 1885d. 31 Jan 1975 Vera Perronet Sells Brenda Perronet Sells b. 19 Sep 1890d. 28 Feb 1968 Brenda Perronet Sells Catherine Alice Sells b. 1867d. 16 Oct 1923 Catherine Alice Sells Ethel A Sells b. 1869d. Ethel A Sells Florence M Sells b. 1870d. Florence M Sells Vincent Perronet Sells b. 06 May 1824d. 07 Dec 1893 Vincent Perronet Sells Edward Perronet Sells b. Bef. 26 Jan 1862d. 1896 Edward Perronet Sells Edith May Stanton Sells b. 29 Aug 1887d. 19 Jan 1948 Edith May Stanton Sells Emma Mary Sells b. 03 Mar 1817d. 05 Jan 1818 Emma Mary Sells David Perronet Sells b. 23 Jun 1918d. 29 Sep 1993 David Perronet Sells Edward Andrew Perronet Sells Edward Andrew Perronet Sells Frances D. Sells b. 1852d. Frances D. Sells Harriet H. Sells b. 1856d. 1886 Harriet H. Sells Alfred Sells b. 09 Apr 1857d. 1887 Alfred Sells William Sells b. 13 Jun 1863d. 1883 William Sells Lucy Jane Sells b. 1859d. 20 Aug 1880 Lucy Jane Sells Frederick Arthur Sells b. 1860d. Frederick Arthur Sells Elizabeth Irene Sells b. 02 Apr 1854d. Apr 1871 Elizabeth Irene Sells Anne Sells b. 1908d. Anne Sells Eileen DeGrave Stanton Sells b. 25 Dec 1900d. 1991 Eileen DeGrave Stanton Sells Mollie Mary Frances Sells b. 1904d. Mollie Mary Frances Sells Arthur William Blyth Sells b. 1878d. 1902 Arthur William Blyth Sells Dorothy Eleanor Jeanette Sells b. 1880d. 1955 Dorothy Eleanor Jeanette Sells Miles Francis DeGrave Sells b. 1881d. 1951 Miles Francis DeGrave Sells Lawrence Hugh Perronet Sells b. 1884d. 1886 Lawrence Hugh Perronet Sells Margaret Mary DeGrave Sells b. 1886d. 1963 Margaret Mary DeGrave Sells Joan Perronet Sells b. 1891d. 1972 Joan Perronet Sells Vincent Sells b. 1794d. Apr 1842 Vincent Sells Sophia Elizabeth Sells b. 1790d. 1869 Sophia Elizabeth Sells John Sells b. 1796d. John Sells Zara Sells b. 1899d. Zara Sells Annie Edith March b. 1852d. 01 Jan 1895 Annie Edith March Sophia Gardiner Briggs b. Jan 1762d. 08 Jan 1841 Sophia Gardiner Briggs Eliza Stanton Harding b. 24 Feb 1820d. 16 Jul 1904 Eliza Stanton Harding Frances DeGrave b. 26 Feb 1796d. Dec 1871 Frances DeGrave 07 Feb 1948 01 Jan 1979 11 Jun 1974 09 Jul 1983 Aug 1965 05 May 2005 20 Mar 1942 04 Jun 2000 10 Jun 1965 14 Aug 1971 26 May 1974 01 Apr 2006 01 Jun 1814 10 Nov 1886 15 Jun 1915 Frances Eleanor Blyth b. Bef. 28 Feb 1855d. 31 Oct 1935 Frances Eleanor Blyth Maria Whitehead b. 1828d. 16 Dec 1867 Maria Whitehead Amy Maria Hudson b. d. Amy Maria Hudson Devache Barugen b. 1838d. Devache Barugen Anna Maria DeGrave b. Oct 1828d.