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Discovering our American, British, Canadian and European Ancestors

Titus/Buttz Family Tree
Century Indicator.19405 2000 Century Indicator.19404 2000 Century Separator.19403 Century Indicator.19402 1900 Century Indicator.19401 1900 Century Separator.19400 Century Indicator.19399 1800 Century Indicator.19398 1800 Century Separator.19397 Century Indicator.19396 1700 Century Indicator.19395 1700 Century Separator.19394 Century Indicator.19393 1600 Century Indicator.19392 1600 Century Separator.19391 Century Indicator.19390 1500 Century Indicator.19389 1500 Century Separator.19388 Century Indicator.19387 1400 Century Indicator.19386 1400 Century Separator.19385 Century Indicator.19384 1300 Century Indicator.19383 1300 Century Separator.19382 Century Indicator.19381 1200 Century Indicator.19380 1200 Century Separator.19379 Century Indicator.19378 1100 Century Indicator.19377 1100 Century Separator.19376 Century Indicator.19375 1000 Century Indicator.19374 1000 Century Separator.19373 Century Indicator.19372 900 Century Indicator.19371 900 Century Separator.19370 Century Indicator.19369 800 Century Indicator.19368 800 Century Separator.19367 Century Indicator.19366 700 Century Indicator.19365 700 Century Separator.19364 Century Indicator.19363 600 Century Indicator.19362 600 Century Separator.19361 Century Indicator.19360 500 Century Indicator.19359 500 Century Separator.19358 Century Indicator.19357 400 Century Indicator 400 Century Separator Andrew Titus b. 04 Dec 1900d. 12 Nov 1981 Andrew Titus Gene Weston Titus b. 19 Dec 1928d. 02 Sep 2014 Gene Weston Titus Stephanie Elisabeth Titus Stephanie Elisabeth Titus Gene Weston Titus Gene Weston Titus Lauren Brittany Forsythe Lauren Brittany Forsythe Sterling Chase Forsythe IV Sterling Chase Forsythe IV Andre Jean Titus Andre Jean Titus Elizabeth Jean Titus Elizabeth Jean Titus Jack Brooks Titus b. 13 Apr 1931d. 23 May 2017 Jack Brooks Titus George Washington Titus b. 03 Sep 1857d. 20 Mar 1920 George Washington Titus Asa Titus Sr. b. 02 Jul 1828d. 16 Feb 1916 Asa Titus Sr. Mary Titus b. 14 Dec 1905d. Mary Titus Ruby Titus b. 04 Oct 1902d. 24 Feb 1955 Ruby Titus John Titus b. 05 Nov 1897d. 01 Apr 1990 John Titus William Oliver Titus b. 12 Mar 1856d. 1910 William Oliver Titus Charles Titus b. d. Charles Titus Moetta Titus b. d. Moetta Titus Oliver C. Titus b. 27 May 1881d. Oliver C. Titus Edward Everett Titus b. d. Edward Everett Titus David Wilson Titus b. 09 Jun 1854d. 31 May 1873 David Wilson Titus James Asa Titus b. 18 Dec 1858d. 26 Jan 1939 James Asa Titus Elmer Ellsworth Titus b. 27 Jul 1861d. 17 Jan 1938 Elmer Ellsworth Titus Charles Buttz Titus b. 05 Jun 1863d. 01 Oct 1953 Charles Buttz Titus Andrew Jackson Titus b. 11 Mar 1865d. 17 Dec 1943 Andrew Jackson Titus Mary Ann Titus b. 08 Jul 1867d. 20 Dec 1955 Mary Ann Titus Ralph Titus b. 18 Mar 1871d. 29 Mar 1944 Ralph Titus Ney Titus b. 21 Jun 1873d. 07 Feb 1963 Ney Titus Warren Harper Titus b. 04 Nov 1878d. 23 Jan 1967 Warren Harper Titus Cornell Titus b. 25 Dec 1851d. 30 Dec 1851 Cornell Titus John R. Titus b. 04 Feb 1853d. 01 Mar 1853 John R. Titus Irving Titus b. 1875d. 1875 Irving Titus Edward Titus b. 07 Mar 1869d. 30 Sep 1869 Edward Titus Cornell Titus b. 1792d. 18 May 1843 Cornell Titus Hannah Cole b. 19 Jan 1781d. 30 Jan 1866 Hannah Cole Ralph Titus b. 25 Sep 1823d. 02 May 1899 Ralph Titus Emma Titus b. 1850d. Emma Titus Ann Titus b. d. Ann Titus Charlotte Titus b. 1827d. 1888 Charlotte Titus Samuel C. Titus b. 1854d. 1862 Samuel C. Titus Carrie Titus b. d. Carrie Titus Ralph Titus b. 23 May 1847d. 22 Sep 1908 Ralph Titus Norman Titus b. 03 Oct 1880d. 21 Jan 1977 Norman Titus Evelyn Titus b. d. Evelyn Titus Asa Titus b. 1859d. Asa Titus Floyd Titus b. d. Floyd Titus Arminda Titus b. 1867d. Arminda Titus Cornell Titus b. 1868d. Cornell Titus Ada Titus b. 1876d. Ada Titus Hiram Cortright Titus b. 15 Sep 1852d. Hiram Cortright Titus John Titus b. d. John Titus _____ Titus b. d. _____ Titus Tascille Titus b. 03 Aug 1921d. Tascille Titus Willard Titus Willard Titus Richard Titus b. d. Richard Titus Gordon Titus b. d. Gordon Titus Marjorie Titus b. d. Marjorie Titus Alice Titus b. d. Alice Titus George Washington Titus Jr b. 27 Nov 1895d. 02 Oct 1918 George Washington Titus Jr Marion Titus Marion Titus Nettie Lee b. d. Nettie Lee Winona Titus b. d. Winona Titus Ada Titus b. d. Ada Titus Wilford Titus b. d. Wilford Titus Charles B. Titus b. 06 Apr 1891d. Charles B. Titus Betty Ann Titus b. d. Betty Ann Titus Edith Titus b. 08 Aug 1892d. Edith Titus Branden E. Titus Branden E. Titus Catherine E. Titus Catherine E. Titus Matthew David Titus Matthew David Titus Debbie Ann Titus b. 19 Jan 1960d. 17 Nov 1980 Debbie Ann Titus Doreen Faye Jones b. 17 Feb 1935d. 09 May 1999 Doreen Faye Jones Terry Jean Titus Terry Jean Titus _____ Titus b. 14 Dec 1905d. 14 Dec 1905 _____ Titus Ralph S. Titus Ralph S. Titus Ralph Elmer Titus b. 02 Oct 1903d. 08 Aug 1992 Ralph Elmer Titus Gillette Elizabeth Titus Gillette Elizabeth Titus Lowell Everett Titus Lowell Everett Titus Mary Elizabeth Gillette b. 21 Oct 1924d. 2003 Mary Elizabeth Gillette William E. Titus William E. Titus Jackie Lynn Titus Jackie Lynn Titus Connie Lee Titus Connie Lee Titus Leanna Doreen Titus Leanna Doreen Titus Pauline Dickson Lyon b. 04 Mar 1934d. 28 Jul 2007 Pauline Dickson Lyon Cindy Kay Laughlin Cindy Kay Laughlin Heike Oder Heike Oder Harriet Elizabeth Buttz b. 27 Oct 1853d. Harriet Elizabeth Buttz Eunice Catherine Shock b. 15 Apr 1860d. 05 Jun 1925 Eunice Catherine Shock Frances Hill b. 1830d. 1859 Frances Hill Hiram Cortright b. d. Hiram Cortright Augustus Ham b. d. Augustus Ham Lewis Ham b. d. Lewis Ham Harry Ham b. d. Harry Ham Frank Emmans b. d. Frank Emmans Ralph Emmans b. d. Ralph Emmans Lydia Giveans b. d. Lydia Giveans _____ McQuillan _____ McQuillan George Jones b. d. George Jones Elizabeth Jones b. d. Elizabeth Jones Lester Harding b. d. Lester Harding _____ Jones b. d. _____ Jones Ruth Jones b. d. Ruth Jones Joyce Jones b. d. Joyce Jones Claud Brown b. d. Claud Brown _____ Cromwell b. d. _____ Cromwell Fannie Lance Cromwell b. d. Fannie Lance Cromwell Albert Cromwell b. d. Albert Cromwell Asa Cromwell b. d. Asa Cromwell Perry Cromwell b. d. Perry Cromwell Sarah Cromwell b. d. Sarah Cromwell Hannah Ann Cromwell b. d. Hannah Ann Cromwell _____ Stanton b. d. _____ Stanton _____ Walters b. d. _____ Walters _____ Hartman b. d. _____ Hartman Ogden Killmer b. d. Ogden Killmer Vivian Killmer b. d. Vivian Killmer Everett H. Lukens b. d. Everett H. Lukens Robert Killmer b. d. Robert Killmer Robert Killmer Robert Killmer Donald Killmer Donald Killmer Thomas Killmer Thomas Killmer Vernice M. Long b. 03 Dec 1892d. Vernice M. Long George King b. d. George King Magdalena Maninger b. 04 Dec 1897d. Magdalena Maninger Jacob Burkholder b. 21 Mar 1903d. 03 Jul 1999 Jacob Burkholder Roberta Jane Burkholder Roberta Jane Burkholder George Burkholder George Burkholder Titus Burkholder Titus Burkholder Henry Bertram b. d. Henry Bertram Margaret Bertram Margaret Bertram Zula Edwards b. d. Zula Edwards Cordelia A. Brown b. d. 17 Dec 1943 Cordelia A. Brown Martha Smith b. d. Martha Smith Russell Morris b. d. Russell Morris John Allen Morris John Allen Morris Roger Morris Roger Morris John Donaldson b. d. John Donaldson Alex S. Brown b. d. Alex S. Brown John Henry Sells John Henry Sells James Everett Titus McQuillan James Everett Titus McQuillan Ruth Lebus b. d. Ruth Lebus Edith Martin b. d. 29 Jul 1989 Edith Martin Pauline Loiuse Sease b. 22 Aug 1907d. 19 Jul 1976 Pauline Loiuse Sease 16 Jan 1954 03 Oct 1987 23 Dec 1978 14 Jul 1879 04 May 1920 03 Mar 1887 23 Apr 1890 23 Apr 1890 24 Oct 1942 22 Aug 1928 01 Nov 1976 Sarah Ann Buttz b. 23 Jan 1836d. 17 Jan 1916 Sarah Ann Buttz 31 Aug 1926 23 Jan 1895 Maria A. Titus b. 1852d. Maria A. Titus Mary Catherine Dittman b. 1836d. Mary Catherine Dittman Eliza Bruce b. 1835d. Eliza Bruce Elizabeth Van Kirk